Community Org and community Bounties

Continuing the discussion from Giveaways, Bounties, Storj as an Example:

I would like to suggest that whoever manages the funds that were raised in the spring consider forming a community org where members (safecoin holders and members of this forum) can pick some independent people (not employed by maidsafe) to run a community org with the mission being to increase forum membership, have in person meet ups, drive awareness, create regional groups, partner with hackathons/conferences/incubators, work as general evangelists for the project, etc.

The org should also be entrusted with some of the coins allocated to app development etc to encourage development of app’s. If there is some general fund the org should also be given some funds for general evangelist type activities.

Not sure how formal it should get but there out to be some voting involved.

@super3 can probably provide better advice than I, which is why I suggested the Maidsafe exec’s look at what they are doing. Beyond Storj he also has experience with the Peercoin community.

there is this thing…

Also to add; there are SAFE Pods opening up all over the planet; What you are demanding is on its way.

This technology is quite new; so to be on the same page about what the community that MaidSafe stands to deploy, please start reading, this is not an altcoin:

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Farmers, developer pods, meetups etc. what’s missing? In terms of looking after the funds then you will find I have had more than 8 years taking great care of these funds (since 1995 I have run companies) and the reason for the crowd sale was 1/3 dev, 1/3 pods, 1/3 foundation. The first 1/3 may be there we are not sure yet, the other 2 we are working hard to achieve. There are more horses in this race than I am prepared to tell folks, but I have another mechanism for funds the folks in the office know of and some community people. Its another company I am trying to get sold where the proceeds will make up for any requirements for a few years in all aspects of the project (all three 1/3 ). Also a great community opportunity, for much much later though and not to be discussed here. Get it from @ioptio if ye can :smiley:

Launch is the huge target right now, all else for us as a team is a waste. The community are forming as fast as they can and I am glad to say around the API and possibilities., This is a huge proposition and not an app for that mentality. From the projects I see this one seems very solid and moving constantly in a forward direction to a never changing target, we are razor fixed on what we are aiming for. That is a great thing. What everyone wants is tesnet2 and 3 to roll out and prove themselves. Add to that the API and some apps and then you will hear the roar from this community, not till then I hope. Till then we build and muster and gather momentum as has been happening to date. There is a ton of activity and at the level folk leave us to get the code done. The community will flourish that way not explode in a 2 second flash.


Thanks @dominikz for setting out what you want.

Either you aren’t that aware of what’s happening, which is understandable as to keep up you really would need to read and engage quite a lot on the forum, or if you do, then I don’t understand what the difference is between what you want and what is happening, except maybe some aspects of how it might be run.

Are you aware of:

  • the PODs that have started in San Francisco and Montreal?
  • a group from China working on a packaged node hardware?
  • a group from Korea working on evangelising (translating and disseminating videos, docs) and other initiatives
  • the MaidSafe Foundation and its goals, such as providing bounties for core developers, incentivising app builders, evangelising Project SAFE etc.

There’s more, but these seem to me to be what you are saying needs to be done. If I’m not getting it, please explain further.

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