Giveaways, Bounties, Storj as an Example

This forum does not have a lot of activity yet. I hope that changes. The executives of this project should look at other coins such as the Storj Forums of an example of how to properly run a community.


hope we see some results soonish.


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I know that when there is a perfect environment for building Apps there will be plenty of bounties, giveaways, etc. Right now it is clear there is a ton of working being completed, especially if you are actively refreshing
to see the new content.

I have already given away 10,000 MaidSafeCoins as Promos personally, this is fun.
When the source is 100% releasable - I’m sure the “execs” whatever that is anyway - will be gearing up the community. But that is the easy part.

Storj from what I’ve observed simply touted that they are hand in hand with MaidSafe and passed out business cards seeking talent; this maneuver was not admirable; I checked out that forum, it seems to pay someone to create an app in an attempt at a grassroots approach is not the right approach as it does not foster approval on a fundamental level.

The ‘urgency’ from the ideas in your post do not appear favorable to establishing the technology nicely.

The tortoise and the hare story rings a bell - though let’s evolve:

two spaceships - the mothership with the whole society; and a small ‘quick’ ship carrying four people.

The four people want to go sightseeing along the way and visit random asteroids accelerating and decelerating continuously.
The mothership just wants to get to Infinity, and safely so that the whole society is not feeling any G forces.
and on the mothership they wind up accelerating nicely and gradually to 100,000,000 times the speed of light; (though the sight of the universe must be amazing the whole way along that acceleration)

while the small ship going 100,000,000 times speed of light then stopping; eventually there is vomit on the winshields etc etc…

Both arrive at the same place - infinity; however, mothership arrives safely, soundly, and first, and in tact. Not to mention everyone on board got to experience 100,000,000 times light speed.

Hopes this serves to loosely address the competitive tones of the original post; as these projects gain nothing from competition.

Final thoughts: @dominikz hich part of storj forum would show others how to run a community better in OP’s opinion?


Storj dev here. Added some Rain-X to our windshield so the vomit slides off. :smile:

Not a lot of activity ? This post and every statement you made didn’t make any sense.
It looks like you just want to promote Storj here.


Funny thing about create a free secure community is that they run and motivate themselves :smile: We do not treat our community, which we are merely part of like commodities to be corralled. They teach us every day. This particular community seems well able to work away ask for help (I especially ask questions) and move forward. I hope that continues. As for coin give-aways etc. you have a valid point but probably best handled when the network itself launches and not before. There is likely to be more to it than a facet type approach etc. There are already talks and suggestions about this and it is important.

For executives that may mean me or some maidsafe folks, I cannot dispute that enough. The sale of maidsafecoin was us giving to the world, everything we had, not asking for wee helpers we can control. We have responsibilities to provide a working secure privacy enhancing network and then some, but not to control people.

I have never used titles and never allowed anyone to say they worked for me, I see a team with strength that many can do many jobs at different times. It seems to work and in this case this forum allows the most crazy brainstorming to be carried out, that is healthy. We are debating, cost of storage/cpu/bandwidth etc. and if that is free to a point. free for some time, never free but safe-coin give-aways happen (promising) etc.

If other projects do give-aways etc. we will watch and see what can be learned, unless we are launched first. If you have insights beyond base criticism then please feel welcomed and input your ideas into this important project. I doubt you will find a harder working team with so many years of work behind them, so best to not be too critical in any unfounded manner. We live on debate reasoning and measuring so do feel welcomed. As many communities are this one is very protective and probably none more than me so if this comes across defensive, it’s not meant to.


i come here to point to something positive others are doing that you may wish to emulate. don’t you think it makes sense to emulate success?

knowledge is power right?

i spend my time across various projects I follow and invest in, and also for the purpose of research analysis. I know what I see, and I think this community and the larger crypto and apps community can be engaged better and a higher frequency.

one thing i have learned working with and being friends with successful entrepreneurs is that urgency is important and it builds up over the years.

the future is younger people and let’s face it us older people work slower, maybe sometimes that is better, but not in fast growth industries. I see this problem in projects that have more older people than under 25s.

i myself try to address is by trying to think out side of the box.

all i am asking is that the executives of this project, who are even older than i am, look at what some projects that are successfully being run by people in their teens and 20s, consider them as worth emulating.

As an under 25,

Please read through the source code of this project. Or click the link: and please read.
Or if you can not, have your engineer friends look more into it.
I know you have not done so.

for example: Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum’s lofty goals - and Vitalik Open Quotes “I’m not even that good of a c++ programmer” End Quotes
If this is the case then anyone who is not that good of at this stuff should be studying the niceness of MaidSafe code… for example.
I’ve seen and spoken to leaders of crypto startup lalala and there is not any project with tons of engineering salt though plenty of salt salt; and

I think that the emulation that you speak of should be reversed… and that those startups you’re thinking of should look at MaidSafe and emulate this.

+Congrats on serial entrepreneurship; could you possibly be talking to other startups to emulate MaidSafe?


What makes you think we don’t and in fact do not converse with other projects? I don’t subscribe to any form of ageism sexism or racism, everyone is a person measured by their acts, nothing else. The future is everyone, a complete and fair world where everyone can consume and produce in my opinion. I care less about any form of fitting in a box, otherwise it gets weird to fast. I am single for instance and 100% of my effort is this project, should we rank me over married folks and them over folks with kids. I know you do not mean that, but the road is slippery.

People on this forum meet other projects all the time and will continue to.


yes that is a good point, however i am speaking about community engagement and not the quality of the code and the professionalism of the development organization, which i would rank high.

If you’re in the area next week I cordially invite you to be here;

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Perhaps you all meet them but what happens then?

When I do a comparison I see something lacking on the attraction side, which I believe is fixable.

very nice. i wish i could go but i am in spain.

We are incredibly focussed on launching what we set out to, it’s a mammoth task. Projects are starting here, but against our API which we stalled in tesnet1. I see this project as steady strong and extremely well planned. There is very little hype and I think that is good. As we launch there will be plenty to see though and plenty to say.

There are many projects starting around SAFE now and this includes many meetups. conferences and video blogs etc. The pressure will increase as this launches and I hope its seen as solid and unstoppable.


I’d like to note that the event I mentioned is to introduce MaidSafe mainly to engineers and technology folk who have not heard of MaidSafe yet. And who would have a good time studying its construction, and be readily capable of deploying on the MaidSafe Technology when it is ready.

You are frustrated over nothing, forum activity and development progress is correlated. The closer we get to launch the the more activity we will see on this forum, no need to force anything down peoples throat.

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I’ve always thought building a strong community was an important part of any project. I ran a 100k+ post forum before Storj and saw the true power of a large community.

We allocated 15% of the SJCX to community to manage, so the devs don’t have complete coin control. They elected a president, and they are managing that themselves. It is an interesting experiment, but its working out great so far.


If you are “competing” then it is important to have the bigger community. If you are trying to fix a broken system, there is no need to have the bigger community, as Dirvine said if someone has a better solution then it benefits everyone.

Maidsafecoin was almost sold out within 5 hours

This to me, demonstrates the support beneath ProjectSAFE. What is visible on this forum is the tip.

I would suggest Storj reaching 9% of it’s crowdsale goal over 28 days, presents a different challenge to anything you may perceive as lacking within this community.

Thanks for your interest in the ProjectSAFE


MAID was sold out like that b/c it was poorly structured. I voiced this at the time but no one cared to listen.

People on projects need to be a bit more open minded and less defensive. It however is a rare group that can put egos aside and take in varying opinions.

I’m simply pointing out ways in which this project can improve. I also happen to help bring about a technology which is used by many, many developers and I saw how it evolved from an idea our little group had to something really big almost 15 years later.

So when I bring this up it is only for your own good if you all also want to have this technology become the bread and butter of Internet apps 15 years from now.

And btw anyone trying to fix a broken system ultimately needs the entire community behind them.