What about a community announcements, comments, votes topic?

I just created this topic: MaidSafe Community: Announcements, Requests for Comment, Calls to Vote and request that you post comments or feedbacks by replying to this post (not that topic).

So please read the topic and then come back here with any feedback, ideas related to that particular proposal. Note: separately @dirvine has invited discussion on community support and management of how to handle essentially the same issues, but on a bigger scale. My post is an interim solution until we have had that bigger discussion, but may work while we are still a relatively small informal community. Or not. What do you think?

By creating a separate topic (the post you are reading now) for discussing the proposal, I’m trying to keep the “MaidSafe Community: Announcements …” topic just to a single post for each announcement etc., and separate out the discussion onto its own topic/thread. My first question is whether we can manage that level of discipline!? I’m guessing it will be too hard without a way to moderate posts - @David - is there a way to restrict posting on the Announcement topic to prevent people replying to that instead of a separate topic for each announcement? Would that be acceptable if we could?

Anyway, please read the intro (link at the top of this post) and come back here to post comments alternative ideas etc.

I was confused at first, but I think I understand what you are trying to do. Withdrew my post from the previous post.


No worries, I wasn’t expecting people to reply so quickly but should know better! I’ve added some warnings now. Thanks for your understanding!

In particular. I would like to see a Vote Category Tag or some kind of polling system we can just click on. If we open it up to comments that will complicate things. The call to vote should state both arguments for YEA or NAY and keep it simple.


Should Safecoin be exclusive to the SAFE Network?

YEA: Exclusive means it is “required” for all transactions. If a merchant
wants to accept another crypto currency, they will need to include
Safecoin as a micro payment fee for the transaction.

NAY: The barrier against other crypto currencies may hinder mass adoption. If so many bitcoin users find it costly to transact on the SAFE Network, they may not bother to migrate.

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I’ve never been involved with a community or project like this so it’s all kind of new to me, but I’m willing to try almost anything once. I know we will be hanged for this @happybeing but why not a [Governance] :wink: category? I’m 1/2 joking because I’m not entirely sure what we will be trying to accomplish with this, but it sounds like we want to have the people who want to be involved, involved with the potential direction of “things”. Is this correct? And how much can we actually be involved when not part of the core team or part of the MaidSafe Foundation? Besides builders, testers and evangelists what can we do? This is not me being sarcastic. I’m actually asking what you and others are thinking…

What if we don’t fully understand the explanations given for the vote options or what if there is a third, fourth or fifth options/ideas?

@dirvine can of course speak for himself, but he’s talked about the community taking over in these matters, and for MaidSafe the comany to become just another (hahahaha) SAFE app builder. Of course they will be the app builder for the forseeable, but the point is he doesn’t want them to be the “boss”, and for them to be competing & collaborating on the same basis as everyone else. The board and the foundation are already part of this, but as you’ll see from his post, he thinks it needs to go farther.

My interim solution came about because I think we need something now, a place for announcements that affect everyone, and some protocol for discussion and if possible decision making - from the community. Obviously this needs to be robust from malicious attacks and manipulation, so my interim solution will have limited capability to mess things up!

I think a Governance category is a great idea :wink: (more than half kidding) but maybe called something else. I’ll step out of that one (for now he he).

I feel the community are the network to a great extent. The crowd sale was us passing it over. We will work as hard as we can for it and push our vision (privacy security and freedom) as much as we can. I think as for the SAFE network though I think the community should own it. It is how we can make it huge. So if everyone owns it then we are good.

Its a hard thing to do though and we will have to experiment along the way to find a balanced approach. MaidSafe has an obligation though to deliver the working network as a baseline for further development. Ownership was never our goal though so I am happy we work hard to find the answer to a real community run network here. I know its what we can do when the SAFE network is running that excites me for sure.

Personally I would just like to see this spread to as many people as possible in as short a time and in doing so help as many people along the way. Now the hard part, getting there :slight_smile:

You guys won’t stand on our toes for sure. What we have seen so far is humbling so lets go for it. It’s your SAFE network (ours to).


As I’ve already mentioned I really like the Meritocratic Governance Model for OSS and am planning on something along those lines for builder hub. IMHO you need to have proven servants who have shown they care about the future having cared extensively in the past.

The voter with questions should discuss before casting their vote. This is what usually happens in real life situations.

If you wish, we could have a time delay for debate to take place. Then other options can come into play.

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I like the time delay to cover the basis in another thread, then once all/most issues are understood we could then vote on what each of us prefers if it’s even necessary at that point :wink: Even the wiki/discussion posts we have done to come up with a really good vote…

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Yes, and educated vote is preferable to a FUD vote.

Just don’t tell me I have to pass law in order to see what’s in it.

@chadrickm yes, just read the Meritrocratic thingy, which looks really good to me, if a bit of a mouthful, and not at all because it contains the word Governance - you bad bad person ;-). Maybe no-one will notice our secret plan to enslave them!

@chadrickm I suggest you post the meritocratic governance thingy to David’s topic

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Sorry, don’t have time for a long answer, but regarding voting see this thread on how to include a poll: https://meta.discourse.org/t/hidden-features-in-discourse/15885

Seems to only work on the topic level though, so you can’t have one topic with several polls.

Not sure how to do that on a topic. I know it can be done for a category though.

I would rather each vote/topic have it’s own poll under one category that is meant for exactly that.

Thanks @David I created a TEST poll for you guys to try out.

Let me know if this is something we would like to do?