Can someone give me a guide on running a local network

I cannot find a simple guide on how to run a local network.

I assume the first steps include getting the current version (not after the bleeding edge) and that would be with safeup wouldn’t it.

So for me the guide would be after using safeup to get programs and getting safenode-manager.

I would be very thankful if some one can do that for me.

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There’s a guide but you need to do a couple of things first. Check out a suitable version. The one I’m using is stable-RealDeal12thJune which is the current beta but will change soooooon of course.


git clone
cd safe_network
git checkout stable-RealDeal12thJune

Then edit the sn_faucet/Cargo.toml. Change:

default = ["initial-data"]


default = ["gifting"]

Without that change you will not be able to get tokens into a local wallet for testing, and the testnet will also start uploading Gutenberg books which you don’t want (though it is fun at first :laughing:).

Then follow the guide here:

I also use vdash locally to check things look reasonable: records increasing, nodes earning etc.


I looked at the safenode-manager local and there is already a way to run local without needing to download more.

safenode-manager local run

It downloads the needed stuff

And run the client supplying a --peer obtained from a node log file and connect the wallet with a ton of tokens in it. Or wait till the books uploading gives you tokens

For what I wanted this is plenty

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