How to start

Hi how to start with Safe Network and Maidsafe is there a download link or something

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For now you’ll have to be patient. We’ll probably have a testnet 1 running in a couple of weeks.

If you can’t wait then you can try setting up the example testnet.

Until then feel free to contribute to the forum with your ideas or even invest in the idea of SAFE and invest by purchasing some MaidSafecoins - if the projects proves successful this could perhaps put even Bitcoin to shame interms of ROI.

As a builder I’m making some assumptions, could anyone tell me if I’m on the right track?

Websites that might run on SAFE will not be running on a web server platform. The files will be directory accessed from something along the lines of the MaidSafe-Drive. We will essentially be programming using client side code (some javascript library like Angular etc.) and using the APIs to talk to MaidSafe-DHT as a “database” repository? So if we are going to be builders and want to get started now we will want to keep everything clientside and use some kind of mock json as our data until the real thing is ready. Am I close?


This sound about right but to be sure; paging @dirvine for some answers (if he has time)

It would be good for someone to pull together all the bits of discussion (including some on reddit I think) about how websites and current website apps can be built on SAFE. I’m pretty sure @benjaminbollen was active in some of these.

This is one thing I haven’t been tracking links to, but a search for terms like - website, HTML, JavaScript, WAMP, SQL, database, CMS, browser, plugin - here and on the subreddit will probably yield most of the discussions. Maybe @benjaminbollen has some links noted.

hi @chadrickm

Your assumptions are good. For sure you’ll have to write client side code. This code can live on an immutable public drive you control and on the client machine your code can have access to a private filesystem owned by the user. If you want your program to connect deeper into the core code, the available API is still under debate, so feel free to make your requests. For running your code on top of drive you are free to use angular or a stand-alone build.

Keep in mind that for a ‘browser experience’ to run javascript/Angular.js there is still need for a SAFE browser (like project SAFE space) or a SAFE add-on for existing browsers.

You’re best to follow the examples gitbook and look at the example Local Network Setup (@Viv).

Hope this helps

So I asked this question just today.

It looks like the Maidsafe network is able to serve static files, and that problem has already been solved. However, I do not see any explanation about how to serve dynamic content over the Maidsafe network. Just checking in on this thread, two months on, there is a way to do this?

hi bguiz!

Yes this is possible, but depending on who owns the data your application works with, the architecture might be a bit different than usual. The easiest way to think about it is that you are running a desktop application, not connected to a server. Instead you have a hard disk that gives you access to your binaries, but equally to private data of your user, and private data of the people s/he has shared with.

So instead of all this user data being stored on a central server for the application, it will be there on the client computer of your end-user.

At this point you should be able to build any dynamic content you want.

It’s a big change for a privacy perspective; but in your code the change isn’t big at all. Instead of getting data from a server you have to set up. Now you simply read it from a local disk.

Hope this helps