Transitioning another app to the safe network


I considered adding to:

but thought the thrust of what I wanted to say was sufficiently different to warrant a new post - this is more of a heads up and for general comments from people here.

As well as a couple of other sites that I have mentioned in previous posts, I am also going to move this site:

into the SAFE network. This site currently not only does NOT make any money, I actually pay new authors from my own pocket - but this arrangement has a use-by date of about January 2016. What I want to start doing, as soon as SAFE is going, is transition the site AQAP to SAFE and then to start offering the option to authors to be paid in SAFE coin but by 2016 to be ONLY offering payments in SAFE coin (I should be offering a lot of compute and storage resources to the network to generate the SAFE coin in the first place).

I thought I would start putting information to this effect on the web site which will allow existing authors a bit of warning but will also give SAFE a bit more exposure. I imagine since all the authors are happy to get published that changing to SAFE coin from $US will not have much impact on the submission rate anyway and it will bring more participants into the SAFE ecosystem.