Buy & Sell Maidsafe Coins with $ USD $


Wanting to know if anyone wants to buy/sell maidsafe coins with fiat, USD?

Currently the process of buying maidsafecoins is a pain in the ass and it would be much easier to just buy and sell with fiat and not have to trade bitcoin, move from wallet to wallet, pay fees etc.

There a various solutions to this problem I think.

One idea would be to implement a Local bitcoins style of solution. It is something that I think could work well here.

Any other thoughts or ideas?

p.s. if anyone wants to sell me some maidsafe for straight USD, hit me up, lol.


You can buy BTC using LocalBitcoins and then buy MAID wherever.
It’s cheaper, faster and not less private.

That’s pretty much what I do, but like I say, that’s a pain in the ass…

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It’s not a one step procedure but once you eliminate the part that’s the same (buying BTC (or MAID)), it’s literally a 15 minute process to open an account on any exchange, transfer BTC to it and buy your first MAID.

If you ever need to sell your MAID, in part or everything, where are you going to sell them? Of course, at an exchange.

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Hey man i’m just trying to be the change, lol.

Nah but seriously, its the one thing I think MAID needs to do better than Bitcoin. We need to put our heads together and come up with a safe, secure and easy way to exchange USD, BTC and MAID all in the one place. Low fees, good liquidity etc.

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I see what you mean, but like I said before in similar discussions, for a long while MAID (and SAFE) will be denominated mostly in BTC.
There’s a limited amount of trading going on all factors being equal, the more liquidity there is in MAIDUSD, the less liquidity remains in MAIDBTC. I’m not “against” lower fees and good liquidity, I just don’t see more markets being helpful at this stage.

Just wanted to agree. It would be great to be able to buy MAID with the currency I get paid in, and tend to own…

That you can buy BTC with $ is one reason the price of BTC is going up so much and seems to be establishing itself for use probably well into the future, even as other currencies offer solutions to its weaknesses. I’ve been waiting for a dip to buy MAID (missed two) for over a week… If I could just buy with dollars, I’d own MAID by now.

Maybe this will inspire some more conversation about this here on this forum?

If you have dollars you can buy BTC and within 20 minutes own MAID.
BTC is just an entry currency in this case, you don’t need to hold it for more than 20 mins. How does it matter how much is the current BTC exchange rate?

The easiest way to buy Maidsafe Coin with US Dollars is use to get your Bitcoin(they take debit cards) and then send it to for the Maidsafe Coins.

You don’t get the best rates but they aren’t too bad and it’s the safest/fastest way I’ve found so far. I had Maidsafe Coin confirmed in my wallet in under 20 minutes before.

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I was about to buy MAID when BTC was under $400, but goofed it up and had to wait a day or two or a weekend or something. Could have bought over 2 BTC-worth. Now can buy substantially less at over $450 for one BTC.

I have everything set up to buy BTC then MAID. I just would rather buy MAID directly, if possible.

Seems stuff like this

will eventually happen for other currencies, including MAID, hopefully especially MAID.

The “issue” here is that MAID is quoted in BTC, so the price (in USD) went up with BTC. But being able to buy it in USD wouldn’t help you, as long as most activity is in BTCMAID space - that’s where price setting happens.

When BTC was going down people were complaining how they’re losing because of BTC. Now that BTC is going up, there are complaints that it makes MAID more expensive. If you think having MAIDUSD available (say, on Poloniex) would make it “easier” (you actually want cheaper, but let’s ignore that fact for now) for you to buy MAID, check out Poloniex’ prices of cryptos that are quoted in BitUSD or whatever - they’re totally crappy. Why? Because the price setting happens in BTC.

USD prices of non-BTC cryptos are merely an annoyance and I hope it stays that way.

All true but i’d much prefer fiat to maid and vice versa, I think everyone would given the option.

So if you’re out there and listening whoever you are, I’ll use your service if you build it!

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Id like to see this as well !!

The problem isn’t the buying. It’s the charge reversal from scammers that follow.