How do people living in the US buy Maidsafe?

I couldn’t find any topics on the matter when searching through the forum history, surprisingly.

Anyone know which, if any, exchanges are offering it to Americans?


Hello @tendertoes,

you did not find an answer, because MaidSafe is the name of the company. The token name is MAID and the network name is Safe Network. See this topic for buying from the US:

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HITBTC can be accessed by people in the USA, I believe.


Last I checked, HitBTC is off limits to people in the US. May work if you use VPN and trade under the verification limit. I have not tested this, however.

You can buy and sell on It is more expensive but it does work.


Will not work, confirmed. They will block your account when you try to withdraw your funds. Even if its unverified…

There is always P2PB2B, but it’s a wasteland. Will bring MAID to 100$ trying to get a few thousands lol ;).

US has very little options to buy MAID and even less ways of selling. Definitely need a proper exchange, coinbase would be the dream… but yeah, not going to happen anytime soon.

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I bought a bunch on Poloniex about 5 years ago, but so much has changed since then. I’m ready to buy and hold!

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Welcome to the HODL party, Tendertoes. Been in that boat for many years, no thanks to Poloniex. But the US is its own worst enemy trying to regulate and lock down crypto through draconian tax reporting practices. No exchanges want to bother spending the additional costs of compliance. I suppose it will all be moot when the global digital currency with a social credit system go on line and all humankind is forced to use it.

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