Any chance to get listed on more than 1 exchange?

Being listed on only 1 exchange makes maid less desirable and somewhat risky. What if the exchange gets hacked or goes bust for whatever other reason?

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eMaid is only listed on one CEX , but also on one Dex UniSwap - from there it cannot be delisted or suspended for trading, that’s the beauty of the blockchain technology:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I also hope you are not keeping MAID that you want to keep on any exchange. Always a big risk.


What’s eMaid? I’ve been away for a while.


Look here:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Ah, excellent. Looks like I’ll have to provide source of funds. I bought £200 worth at ICO so this is going a long way back. Pretty sure I bought the bitcoin on localbitcoins. Looks like they still allow people to log in so I better do it ASAP and screenshot everything I guess?


If I remember right, the proof of source is more like you tick a box saying “I bought them with money earned from my job” or something like that.

But my total sum was not very large, it might be different for bigger hodlers.

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For 200 pounds it will be like that

Depending on the day it’s about £5k now

Than it Is Tier 3 with probably video call and little more evidence. Like some proof from time of your purchase, ID video evidence,…