Can someone give a step by step guide on how to acquire then store MaidSafeCoin?

Hello everyone, I have followed this project since 2017, but only from the sidelines reading the weekly updates, and now at these current price levels I am ready to make an investment into the project, as I believe it will provide a large ROI if the project is successful, although I realize it is a high risk investment. The only previous crypto investments that I have made are in large cap coins, such as Bitcoin and ETH, where it is very easy to figure out how to buy and then store them.

First off, what exchanges can I even buy maidsafecoin currently at (I’m in Florida, USA), it seems none of the major exchanges have it available, or if they do its not allowed for US residents. Then once you buy the maidsafecoin, what do you do to safely store it off the exchange.

Thank you!


The thread bellow should be helpful.

Look at the Uniswap section.

If you have a Trezor you can easily store them at your ETH address.


Try Uniswap, just need some ETH and you can use it to buy eMAID on the eMAID/USDC pair (automatically exchanges your ETH for USDC at best rate, ETH is needed for the transaction gas fee).


If you want something more like BTC and less like Ethereum the markets are noted on coinmarketcap MaidSafeCoin price today, MAID to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
and links from there. Hitbtc is simple enough but Bittrex seems to hold more volume?

Those MAID the are the old original flavour and simpler to understand imho. Those coin sit on a BTC address and are simple to store because it’s just the BTC private key you need.

Perhaps boils down to whether you understand BTC or ETH…

Hitbtc is an option but not Bittrex, no Americans allowed.

The Binance/FTX drama is just another reason to avoid cex like the plague though.

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Cex I read as centralised exchange… and certainly you don’t want to hold what you can’t afford to risk… send out to a BTC address you control the private key for, is basic.

Still I will continue to prefer BTC like option as MAID, over ETH, as despite going to the first ETH meetup I never was persuaded. BTC is simple to understand and not obvious ETH is quite the same… or what market exists now… if it’s evolved that would be good to make visible.

You may be right, I think purchasing on uniswap is harder but storing is easier.

I hold mostly omni maid but Idk if that would be the case if I entered now.

BTC I understand… it’s literally plain text and you keep the private key you control, private… so noone else can action a transaction.

ETH is a contract… or layers of complexity that smell like proprietary… probably completely wrong impression but its a hurdle…

I keep it simple then and stored safely without a worry of some contract hack or code slippage… again unfair probably.

On the upside and to their credit it seems ETH are most energy friendly now…

But back on topic … it perhaps matters too what markets there are… and unclear if selling ETH flavour is an option… is uniswap a buy only burn option from some pool or sell option now too?.. and is storing ETH anything like BTC??

You can sell on uni if thats what your asking.


Yes as @bones says it is simply an exchange for both buy and sell orders.

The burn of omni maid is seperate and not related to uniswap.

Just checked uniswap though and 1k 24 volume, whats Bittrex?
Edit: about the same… bit more.


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