[⚡️Action Required⚡️] Notice to all MaidSafeCoin ($MAID) holders

With the sad news of Bittrex shutting down its operations on 4th of December, if you have any coins on their exchange, you should withdraw your holdings as soon as you can.

This also marks the somewhat inevitable end of $MAID trading on the Omni protocol. It’s been a useful tool we’ve stuck with since 2014, but it’s a chain that is now past its best.

The good news is you now have more flexible options!

  1. If you are holding MAID in order to swap (1:1) for Safe Network Tokens when the Network goes live, nothing has changed there. You don’t need to do anything other than keep hold of them yourself in your own wallet.

There’s a guide to doing that here:

  1. You can swap to eMAID for free! The ERC20 version of MaidSafeCoin.

It’s a more modern, flexible version of the coin that will work on decentralized exchanges (such as UniSwap) and is easier to store in a variety of wallets.

There’s a guide to doing that swap here:

And of course, eMAID can be swapped 1:1 for Safe Network Tokens just the same as MAID come launch.

As always, if you need any help and support with either option, our community is always happy to help!

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Just wanting a clarification. It says trading finishes on the 4th Dec and after you can only withdraw your tokens …

Now I strongly suggest people withdraw before the end date for trading (4th Dec) since things can go wrong and its best to have time to get things sorted out. And as you said @Dimitar strongly advise against depositing anything unless you understand the you have 2 weeks only.

But it would be good to know when the last day for withdrawing but the notice says no last date has been set yet.


Bittrex Global is ceasing operations.

A few key takeaways from the announcement:

  • Trading will halt December 4th
  • No longer deposit assets to Bittrex, this can result in permanent loss of funds
  • No deadlines for withdrawals yet, but Bittrex urges users to take of their funds as soon as possible as liquidators may set a deadline soon.

Can a moderator pin this message for visibility.


Just tried to login to my account.
Am unable to without re-verification.
This smells fishy.

The re-verification step stalls. Have placed a ticket in but this is making me nervous.

I have a small amount on Bitrrex but I want it.

Edit: Re-verification doesnt work on browser, select continue on mobile and scan the QR code.

I was able to withdraw faster than usual. The transaction is unconfirmed but it used to take AGES to get it to this unconfirmed stage.

Get your coins out asap!!


Not sure if this is good or bad for Maidsafe token when 98% of the market is still on MAID while only 2% moved to EMAID … :roll_eyes:


It’s not exactly like that. In Bittrex and HitBTC you have about 17 million MAID, in eMAID you have about 7.7 million. So things are closer than it seems at first glance.

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I think you will find that the point was the majority of (e)MAID is still in the form of MAID (98.3%) Not that its on an exchange.

I am sure though that will see a lot of MAID going to eMAID. Maybe not a major %age of MAID but still a major increase of eMAID


I commented on the market, long-term holders do not affect it. Only tokens on exchanges affect the market - all eMaid can be assumed to be on the market because of UniSwap - you can directly sell from your wallet without moving it to the exchange.

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so normal omni MAID going to be “worthless” (with " ") ? How convert process work, it work like this: every convert form omni to Emaid will pump emaid price? Or if is actual price for emaid 0,18$ and even if maid will be 0,0000001, I still get 1:1 from maid to emaid? thx

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You will still get 1:1 from MAID to eMAID, and 1:1 from either to SNT at launch.


This much is very true and deserves to be a sticky.


$0.07156 MAID
Yikes, on sale right now, looks like people are jumping ship, crazy times, close to Beta, fun


We are lucky :wink:


Interesting turn of events. I have a few questions for anyone from the company who’s able to answer please.

  1. Will there be any other exchanges the company will be looking to list MAID now that this turn of events on bitrex has happened? And if yes, which ones and timeline?

Or will it just be left to eMAID until SNT is ready?

  1. Will SNT be listed on exchanges when it’s ready? And if yes, which ones and timeline for that?

  2. Is there still a deadline for how long you can convert maid to emaid through the Swiss company?


I just login to Bittrex.global and it surprised me, that everything works fast. I reset password and 2FA, add all new details and it took only like 2 hours.
The account is not freeze for 24h, or at least I can trade.


what about Mexc? pretty big, automated market maker, wonder why maid hasn’t paid the listing fee yet. Its one of the bigger exchanges, very popular and kyc free, even for usa

The MaidSafe team does not pay for listing on exchanges.

In the last few years, the world has witnessed a wonderful new technology - the UniSwap decentralized exchange. Get to know it. Prosper!

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We are looking at all the options, but as other’s have pointed out, MAID is based on the Omni protocol which has very very limited support by exchanges. We aren’t ruling out reviving Omni-MAID listings before launch, but the focus is very much on SNT, and the broadest accessibility to that.

ERC20 offers more breadth/depth in that regard, so will be prioritised.

MAID is still listed on HitBTC, and the chain will remain accessible for those who need to move funds.

eMAID is a great option for usability with wallets, DEX access, and is the same underlying asset, so it’s an option people should consider if they want to buy or sell prior to launch.

And of course both MAID and eMAID will be 1:1 swappable to SNT at launch regardless of what happens with listings.

SNT will be natively listed on exchanges, when exchanges are ready. We can’t give a timeline for that, but there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes in that regard.

However exchanges won’t be the only way to get SNT!

That’s more of a question for @SwissPrivateBanker, but support and accessibility for eMAID is only likely to grow from here.

And the community, as always, has been very generous in its support of people looking to buy, sell, or swap.


this exchange has a very tiny fee and does wonders for those coins being listed, it also has huge volume. The issue here is erc20 and KYC requirement for minting. We need a new exchange for OMNI layer