Options, 5 exchanges can list ERC20 MAID immediately!

Hey friends,

what options do we have to make MAID accessible and like ERC20 token?

Only MaidSafe can do this? Or The Community can also make a decentralized option?

these 5 exchanges can list ERC20 MAID immediately and for free:





I suspect anyone can do it, but for confidence maidsafe would need to be involved. Massive distraction right now, but possibly it is serious enough that we need to think hard about it. I am not sure erc20 maid would automatically just list on exchanges. So it is 2 stages, convert and list. Quite a bit of work I recon, but we have never been scared of work.


Question about having 2 coins on 2 different protocols: are the 2 prices independent or there’s a way to peg them?

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As with arbitrage and the law of one price, assets will be similarly priced if they represent the same asset. Otherwise someone will make arbitrage profits until the price are similar.


Traders will make sure they stay approximately the same.
I’ll even help out if there is a profit to be made trading across both prices.


Sure but that assumes liquidity and tradability are the same between the two protocols, which is not the case…

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They dont need to be the same. Arbititrage and the law of one price will hold, I don’t know of any asset that it doesn’t hold true.

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That’s the key here; trading MAID on OMNi has a lot of friction now…

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Yes, right now and maybe a day or two but then it will be solved and price won’t differ much, like it used to do.

If you would have to protocols and one of them for example have zero volume, then you can burn and switch to the other protocal as it is the same asset. If there are any traders willing to trade then there will be profits to make, as long as price differ enough between the two. If price differs alot between Poloniex and HitBTC we will see high trading volume on Poloniex until there is allmost no price difference again or alternative there will be no MAID left on Poloniex to trade.


I suppose that all I’m saying is that if it is decided to go the ERC20 swap direction, it appears there are 2 ways: complete swap and only 1 Maid coin/token exists or coexistence of 2 coins/tokens.
If that’s the case, speculation between the 2 options and potential threats should be considered

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With big enough bags your wouldn’t need to send anything between exchanges.
You could traide MAID(OMNI)_BTC on one exchange and MAID_ERC20_BTC on the other.
You could transfer BTC across at some point if you really had to.

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No, if it where so that it would be 2 protocols than they represent the same assets, any difference in price will be eaten by arbitragers or @Zoki.

Otherwise you can just switch through the burn process and then problem solved.
But I don’t think there will be 2 protocols, does anyone know of one asset with shared market cap on two protocols?

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The burn process is one way only right? And is the burn rate constant? I.e 1 OMNI maid = 1 ERC20 maid? That creates a number of asymmetries…on which coins has this been done before? I wouldn’t mind looking at the historical prices to have an idea of the effects…

Kinda curious why everyone thinks moving to ERC20 solves anything. Lets say we do get ERC20 equivalent of MAID and a way to transition. MaidSafe can’t afford listing fees at the big exchanges right now, and who besides the forum loyals and anonymous users who lurk here even buys and trades the token at this stage?

The only reason price is dropping now is just a few polo casuals who had to sell out cause they don’t even care about this project, just wanted to convert to btc and buy another coin thats sticking around on polo.


Look at this magical thing https://uniswap.io/ …

There is a whole decentralized ecosystem on the ethereum :dragon:


DEX is great if people actually used them, but they don’t so sadly volume and assets exchanged would be small obscure amounts from only a small fractional % of the crypto community.


Sorry I still prefer to wait for launch otherwise there is a double swap and you are going to have the coins on 2 chains

All the holders are supporting the project and why should they have to do a double swap? Is ETH more secure than omni? Secure as failure, being cracked, etc.

Not going to mention people (holder) requiring to learn about ERC20


The advantage of ERC20 or Tron is then we can have it on a DEX and be assured there is always a market. If people don’t want to trust that and just HODL omni-MAID til final that swap will still be honored. Doing the double swap just seems to be the necessary cost we have to pay to be able to trade it in the meanwhile.


The problem is that the company has to sell MAID. If Bittrex closes tomorrow, where will it sell them? Better not to risk and launch a ERC20 token that can be easily added to decentralized exchanges…


No reason to consider Tron, IMO. Ethereum DEXs would be more than sufficient