Lets rebrand to rid the MAID :)

I think we need a rebranding to get rid of the name MAID as it not only doesn’t sound great but also has meaning that might give a different first impression to most people stumbling upon it. We should have a name analogous to Facebook or Amazon, or Google, that doesn’t have a straight meaning, just a good name to remember.

And as funny as it is, the biggest and most successful brands do not have meanings in their words - Besides the three i listed above, there’s also Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Uber, McDonalds etc etc, so are the top cryptocurrencies, so a chance of that being merely a coincidence is pretty low(maybe it’s an unknown/unconscious psychological phenomenon that we like novel sounding names). Apple is the(only) exception, although it’s a very simple word that doesn’t reflect what the company does.

Now many people have suggested to rebrand it to Safecoin and keep Safenetwork as the name, while that’s better than not doing anything, I think we can do better. Because calling it SAFE, innately makes people feel like, they’re using it to stay safe, or this network is trying to protect them from something, i mean, they are, and the network is safe and can protect them from things, but getting rid of that feeling is better. So people will view it less like Tor browser to access some dark web sites but more like the new internet. Now, I don’t have great candidates for brand new names off the top of my head just yet, but I’m thinking. Also, having a clear motto is also great, such as, (assuming we’re using Esan as the name), a very succinct name for titles would be : Esan - Decentralisation Reimagined, or Esan - Our Internet reimagined.

Also, I just thought of ESAN as it’s an acronym for “Extraordinarily secure autonomous network” But of course, the name can be an an acronym or it can just purely be a name. Like EON, Nexon etc, But either way, i think a good, succinct motto, and a good name rebranding would help marketing heaps.

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Clever… :wink:

Funny how this topic keeps popping up from time tot time.

I’l just post my reaction from the other thread here. No need to change the name IMO, but I’m still quite fond of my own suggestion.

To clever for me, had to look that one up. :cowboy_hat_face: [tips hat]


Here we go again… This conversation already happened here: SAFE Network is a terrible product name [Clickbaitish]

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And probably elsewhere too…

I think the point still stands that a rebrand is an unduly expensive proposition with questionable ROI when the current name delivers against the chief aims of a brand—identify and inform.


Too late in the game to change the name. Most important thing now is to protect the name.



Here’s mine: “Termite Mound #1” --or TM1 for short … the #1 is the important part.


seriously though, I can’t see a need to change MAIDSAFE … if anything was to be changed it would be SafeNet – as that’s the product. When SafeCoin is launched and SafeNet is in Beta, people aren’t going to be talking about MAIDSAFE so much. Although we may mount images of David Irvine on all our walls.


Your waiting till Beta to do that? :laughing:


I don’t think so. I think the rebranding would bring unimaginable ROI. Also, given there’s a very strong correlation between successful projects and unique project names, I think we should put ourselves on the good side.

Instead of saying we should not do it, I think rebranding + good marketing tactics will not waste any great amount of at all resources to implement, and wouldn’t have much drawbacks. since we have such a small community. Development team doesn’t need to do anything regarding rebranding. Only marketing team is working and they should have time for this as it can potentially do more than the team and community can ever imagine.

At this point, the main effect of a name change would be to sow confusion. Just what the project does not need. It is already complicated enough.




There’s tons of scientific evidence if you just Google things like “are brand names important?”

Instead of being ignorant of the extremely important effect that brand name has on marketing, please take the time to educate yourselves so you can make evidence backed arguments, instead of posting ridiculous memes that’s not helpful to the project in any way,

Now, its perfectly understandable that people are opposed to it, as it logically, hardly make any sense why a name would matter, there’s in fact an article addressing this issue. http://adage.com/article/al-ries/logic-enemy-a-successful-brand/235161/

But in short, learning about human psychology, i can safely say that the world doesn’t run on pure logic. There’s a complex interplay. Again, with an insurmountable amount of evidence pointing in the direction, I insist that changing the name would do a great deal for the project’s marketing, more than what anyone can realise and imagine right now. In fact i think it should be the primary focus of marketing at the moment, the marketing team can drop everything they’re doing for a rebrand, after rebranding, marketing can resume.

THIS ISN’T HARD, as long as you BELIEVE it isn’t. It has been done by many crypto-projects, in fact, most recently one being Nano, rebranded from RaiBlocks(which I and others thought was also a bad name), the rebranding(or the news that it’s going to happen) is probably the main contributor(among others) that made them shoot under the top 200 cryptocurrencies, to the top 10, now still has a very high marketcap and their social presence has increased tenfold. And went from being listed in just one exchange to being now listed across so many exchanges.

Now, most so-so names are not really disputed against, many crypto projects have so-so names, but if you have people, and not just one or two, in quite a small community, going as far as making forum posts about changing the names, then it has to be beyond just so-so, it’s TERRIBLE, in the marketing sense, it may be a perfectly good name in terms of other areas, such as being a good acronym describing the technology(Massive Array of Internet Disks, Secure Access For Everyone", altho, i think they are better ways to describe it as well). But anyway and either way, for marketing, it really needs to be changed.

The name change is not the main contributor to that. But it did fed the hype.

As far as the name of the network is concerned. My mother tought me not to judge a book by it’s cover.

I don’t care about the name. Not now. And neither should anyone at this point. If the name should prove to be a hindrance for adoption after beta, then maybe…

Speaking of names. If I were to judge you by your name, I’d say you’re one happy camper. You should probably do a namechange yourself. Practice what you preach my man.

Forevercritical maybe? :wink:

All in good fun.


nailed it totally…lol

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Even the great branding of “Batman vs. Superman” couldn’t save that film. (Partly because Marvel > DC) :wink:

Still makes no sense to me … as the MAIDSAFE token will disappear when SafeCoin emerges. Would make more sense to talk about rebranding SafeCoin/SafeNet. Personally I feel they are decent names.

Rebranding MAIDSAFE token at this point would likely cause a pump up … but then there would be a big dump off (because all we did was a name change and the pump and dumpers would have a hay-day with that) and we be back near where we started and we’d have caused a fair few people to lose their shirts.

Slow and steady wins the race.


So against all the evidence backed research suggesting brand names are important, you speak of what your mum taught you… That’s fine, but you have to ask yourself :“Has she done research and gathered evidence to support her claims?” Because I have.

It’s a little ironic of you to say your mum taught you to not judge then make a judgement in the same post. And to then tell others practise what you preach… and my display name is irrelevant to the discussion, there’s stories behind it and i would probably not use it as a marketing brand, either way, sometimes you have to be temporarily critical to be forever joyful :slight_smile: but again that’s kinda off topic now.

I think really, the project has been out for a long time, it has fallen below it’s ICO price against BTC even with the 40% bonus included. That to me is quite significant. If the community still wants to do the same old things they’ve always done, and expecting a different result, would simply be impossible. As Albert Einstein puts it: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So if something isn’t working as great, It’ll either be that we change our approach, or the refusal to make a change will inevitably mark our demise.

Logically, yes, but not the same psychologically. Names also have a emotional feel attached to it as countless evidence suggests, names are REALLY IMPORTANT! Since the marketing isn’t going as well, lets try something different, starting with the name, and other marketing approaches such as making new video updates, video explanations of the network which the marketing team hasn’t been doing at all. With just 13 videos on Youtube in the past 4 years… so many new projects have way more marketing videos than 13 in their first 6 months… anyway, another discussion, but, if the team wants to advance, it needs to change it’s current (not working) approaches. Or don’t, and progress the same way it’s progressing now, which will likely put it below the top 100 in terms of marketcap against other projects, since a lot of other projects is much more competent in their marketing. But if everyone’s happy seeing it do that, then by all means, continue defending against change, after all it’s human nature to resist change.

The price of MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin will not adequately reflect the prospects of the project until it is further along in its development, regardless of what you call it. And when that happens, people won’t really care what you call the network because the focus will be on one or more critical apps that emerge. Those names WILL matter. After all, one of the worst names in IT history is “Internet” or “internet”. Talk about confusing. People can’t even agree on whether to capitalize the letter i. If this dreadful name can make it SafeNetwork has no fear.


Nope she’s likely lived and came to that conclusion herself, she’s very likely not approaching a perceived issue from what is in your case essentially a biased point of view.

The researcher/s you mention are people who by simple ‘human nature’ as you refer to, interpret these results as he/she sees appropriate and fits their cause. Your ‘research’ and resulting opinion is as biased as mine and all the other responders whether you like that or not.

Why? In making that statement your using a bunch of metrics to justify your point of view that originate from a temporary environment that this project married up with due to similar goals/beliefs. A falling price versus the market has only partial relevance to the proposed end product offered and the reach this network will likely have.

The only way that angle (poor performance v BTC) become significant (it’s relevant in some ways but not in others) is if your relying solely on measuring those specific metrics against a ‘like’. There is no ‘like’ so any rebuttal you get back from people is always going to have a degree of validity (and vice versa).

Measuring project length and price movements are a measurement yes but no more than that and can easily be argued just as irrelevant as they are relevant when it comes to the end goals this network has.

Not all negative, that’s a good idea, I think from what’s been hinted there’s more of these on the way.

Advance where? To a bigger market cap? Maidsafe have no interest there, they appreciate supporters love liquidity but either result in or out of the top 100 ain’t getting us to beta or launch any faster :confused:

No one said that, some agree with different parts of what you’ve said, some want improved marketing, some want more exchanges/visibility, but pushing back with an assertion that people are taking an inferior stance to yours because of ‘human nature’ is the ultimate “I’ll punch you in the back of the head when your not looking” move. People won’t feel like engaging with you beyond that point.

Good luck with this :wink: