MaidSafe brand

To me the organization already has a brand and a tacit mission: replace the internet.

And not just the software. Wall St subcriptions are changing the net into a means of growing , conserving and concentrating arbitrary power.

That gives the organization at least a couple decades of road map. I dont think Storj or Etherium or any of the others are even on the map. As for replacing bis/fed/currency, well that is just a normal part of the internet’s growth path, something inevitable if it can keep functioning. It will also get rid of states and corporations. I dont think either could compete with even non ai enhanced DAOs.


Did you mean MaidSafe brand… :slight_smile:


It won’t take long for the momentum to reach avalanche stage and all of a sudden the maidsafe network will be a houshold name. Exciting times!
It would be good to go ‘all out’ with the branding/merchandising. Having pens, mugs, baseball caps, key-rings, bumper stickers etc with the maidsafe logo and web address.

Sorry. Yes, and thank you.

In 3 months time, I’m seeing MaidSAFE as a POD…a company competing with all the other POD’s, but with a huge knowledge advantage. MaidSAFE seem very keen to ensure the knowledge is spread to the other POD’s though.

But the brand as I understand it is ProjectSAFE?

If that is correct, how do we transition the PR from MaidSAFE to ProjectSAFE

The tee shirt is a good step and we would need more digital signage for ProjectSAFE to be made available for distribution

If it’s going to be 10 years of ProjectSAFE, before it dissolves into plain old internet, does the name need to be protected in order for us to be confident in utilizing it when carrying out commerce.