Which exchange should I use to buy MAID?

Hey guys,

Which exchange do you recommend when buying MAID? Right now there seem to be two trading it, namely: masterxchange.com and poloniex.com.

Did you have any recent problems with either one of them when submitting large (>10BTC) withdraw orders?

Never had any problems with masterxchange and they’ve solved this problem: MAID sent to wrong address?

Poloniex has also been a good exchange so far.

I do want to suggest that you should not keep your funds on an exchange longer than needed, no matter which exchange you are using.


Thanks for feedback Melvin.

I am planning on buying MAID and then quickly after withdrawing them to a personal BTC address, so keeping them in an exchange is out of question :smile:


Does anyone have instructions on how to send MAID to a private wallet?

I’ve simply withdrew them in one of my BTC addresses(for which I have the private keys)…it’s that simple. I use omniwallet. org for the reverse process: transfer MAID from BTC address to an exchange. Careful though here because you are giving the private keys of your BTC address to a 3rd party.

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I haven’t checked, but you’re probably wrong about this.



At the bottom are two videos on this.


Omniwallet doesn’t give out the details of your private keys to 3rd parties/owners , its effectively a brain wallet , they don’t have access to it .

Poloniex is a trusted exchange, price is usually more fluid and has a larger volume- this doesn’t make it buletproof thou, just like any exchange, but may lead to a lower buying price and picking up cheaper coins

Masterxchange is a little more secure but only because of the amount of time it takes to withdraw funds, -Expect at least 24 hours before a withdrawal request is completed , sometimes upto 48 hours.

Masterxchange may be safer but only because withdrawals are all manually done and take longer than other exchanges

When withdrawing maidsafe remember to only transfer coins to a bitcoin address you have full control over and only you have private key access to.

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I would use both masterXchange and poloniex to get the best price

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Poloniex is my preference.

I wanted to let you guys know that I tried both MasterXchange and Poloniex to purchase MAID.
I didn’t have any problem with either of them but I would recommend poloniex for future use just because their interface looks more professional for trading and it’s easier to use.
Also my MAID withdrawal from poloniex was completed in a matter of minutes while masterxchange processes them manually and can take up to 48h for your funds to appear in your account. Good for security but pretty slow compared to other services.

What block explorer can I use for MAID ? I was using masterchest.info/lookup but doesn’t seem to work anymore…

I just used this mastercoin block explorer:

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