Masterxchange will close soon, please move coins before November 15th will close soon and won’t accept any deposits anymore.

Please withdraw all coins before the 15th of November 2015

People who want to continue trading can do so on, and if anyone needs help to move his or her coins, you can ask our friendly community for help of course :smiley:


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Hi Melvin,
Do I have to do anything special or do I just send my coins to my Poloniex account directly? I’m probably going to do this by sending a test send of a few hundred coins and when that goes through I will send the rest.

Many Thanks

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Is the most recommended wallet to hold maidsafe coins till safecoin is implemented Omniwallet?? If not another suggestion would be appreciated and is it just as simple as a normal bitcoin transaction?

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I use paper wallets, @dallyshalla created a tutorial a few months ago. This tutorial also shows how to store on a paper wallet.


You can withdraw from masterxchange directly to your poloniex account. Be sure to choose the right currency (Sometimes people make the mistake to withdraw maidsafecoin and deposit it on a Bitcoin address)


great, thanks Melvin, I will be careful.


:frowning: the second exchange this week Yacuna also. Masterxchange was my most fav exchange. Luckily there is still shapeshift & SAFEx

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Will this affect anyone who bought in the crowd sale? For instance, people who bought from bitcoin addresses and got MSC sent back to that address as a mastercoin token?

This will only affect you I you have/leave your Maidsafecoin on the MasterXchange. For the rest it doesn’t affect people with Maidsafecoins. I my moms coin on there, so I’m moving them now to another place.

Is poloniex for US customers only?

Anyone can use Poloniex if their local laws allow it. THe only people Poloniex exclude are New York State Residents.

This has the potential to be a disaster for the SAFENetwork with headlines akin to Mt Gox, I’m baffled by the non response of Maidsafe on this, with no hint of an issue at

I would assume there are plenty of people like myself who have basically contributed to the Crowdsale, checked the balance and basically forgotten about Maidsafecoin…because they dont ‘trade’.

I would also assume a lot of folk did not receive any notification via email (I didn’t)

We need some guidance from Maidsafe and some press releases pronto…we all assumed all would be good up to launch with plenty of time to swap over to Safecoin (with guidance and possibly a tool) and that is no longer the case.

I hated the process of purchasing Bitcoin to move into MaidSafeCoin and hoped that would be the end of having to deal with keys etc.

So do I have this right? Move coins somewhere in the next 3 weeks or lose them.

This situation would seem urgent, the little guy out there who bought and tuned out, may be left clueless as to what is happening.

We need an instructional that clearly defines the process what happened at crowdsale, where the coins are now and the alternatives for moving them onto yet another exchange that may or may not be there at launch or to a ‘cold wallet’

So little time to avoid a human and PR disaster if indeed the coins become inaccessible.


If you bought coins and didn’t move them after receiving the coins during the crowdsale, you don’t have to do anything.

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What would be the possibility of exchanging the omni-sidechain MAID for a MAID asset on BitShares?

Yep…case in point, no idea what I’ve done.

Went to and can see that I deposited BTC and then sent it to the Maidsafe Address at crowdsale.

I know at one stage I could see a SPT balance somewhere.

I’ve ended up with a printout from with two barcodes on it, together with (1) Public Key (2) Private key (3) Private key password… written down.

Does that mean I effectively created a cold storage and so cannot see a balance anywhere now?

Totally confused…if I do have cold storage, then is the only way to verify balance and redeem, via the barcode?

Put the public address into and your maidsafecoin amount should show up if all is OK

Instant stress release…thanks.

Would you say that I’m actually off the Masterxchange and require no action for now…given the above?

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Should I send coins to a wallet of some sort or get public and private keys from master exchange? And if so what’s the best way to do so?

If you have the private key and noone else then you are safe. If another has the private key then that depends on who else has the private key.