MAID sent to wrong address?


I just sent like all my MAID to a wrong address I think…

I tried sending it from my OmniWallet to my MasterXchange account,

but I sent it to an address starting with: 1DFBBD7… etc (source address??)

when I later found that it looks like I had to send it to an address that starts with: 1MaStErt… etc

Is there anything I can do?

It’s okay if not, just I’d like to recoup this $3,000 loss if possible…

EDIT: Found that I sent them to the MasterXchange BTC deposit address instead of the MAID deposit address. Emailed the exchange (since I think they have the private key for that address), no reply yet…
hoping for the best…

EDIT #2: THEY SENT ME BACK MY COINS!!! The people at MasterXchange are AWESOME!!! They just asked for a $40 service charge because of the work involved but I was sooooo happy that I paid $100 and they did it all for me extremely promptly!!!


To deposit Maidsafecoin send them from one of your registered source address to 1MaStErt4XsYHPwfrN9TpgdURLhHTdMenH

I guess you’ll always send it to the 1MaStEr… address, the first address you typ in yourself is the source address.

yeah, is there any way to get them out of the source address?

because it looks like I SENT them TO the source address…

But the source address should to be your own address right ?

If it wasn’t a valid BTC address the coins wouldn’t have been sent. You cannot sent MSC to like a Dogeaddres. So if you’re the owner of that address there in there. You nee to import the private key to Omniwallet to get them out I think.

I should have the private key?

How would I find it? (pretty worried… but thanks for all the replies!! what a great community:)

To deposit Maidsafecoin send them from one of your registered source address to 1MaStErt4XsYHPwfrN9TpgdURLhHTdMenH

So you’ve registered a source address first I guess, do you have the private key of the one you chose ? Maybe you can also post a transaction link so we can take a look.

so this is the transaction:

is that the kind of thing you mean?

That’s an address with history, this is a transaction:

Maybe you can come online on the slack channel so we can try to figure it out.

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ugh… i just tried slack on Ffox and chrome and both didn’t work…

it just said “Loading…” forever.

And after looking further, it seems as if the source address I sent my MAID to was a BTC address, and it might even be my own coinbase address.

Would that be a good thing?

Does coinbase allow you to keep your own private keys ? do you have the private key of the address ?

it’s a good thing if you sent MSC to a BTC-address you own. That’s the only way you have them. You probably get a very little amount of BTC coming in to that address.

I have some MSC in my own BTC-wallet running local on my computer. But you can’t sent MSC from a BTC-client. So you have to import the private wallet address to Omniwallet or something… I did that once. Don’t know how that works from a Coinbase-wallet. You have to get your private key out of there to import somewhere else.

Eureka! I think I found something useful.

From my profile on

“Your Bitcoin balance : 0.00005757 btc
Your Bitcoin deposit address : 1DFBBD7…” etc (the same one!)

so it looks like the address I sent my $3k MAID to is my BTC deposit address on MasterXchange.

Could that help?

Maybe my MAID is sitting in my MasterXchange somehow?

Looks like it. Log in and you should see it. The 0.00005757 is the thing you want. That’s what a MSC-transaction looks like on the BTC blockchain.

I was trying to send my MAID from my OmniWallet to MasterXchange, but it looks like I just sent it to the BTC deposit address instead of the MAID one.

ok I’ll look real quick

would the transaction hash help?

The OmniWallet has alot of info about my transaction, since that is where I sent the MAID from.

Should I post the transaction hash they gave me?

If you’ve sent Maidsafecoins to a BTC deposit address I guess you need to contact the exchange. I believe they’re honest guys so hopefully it won’t be a problem to get them back.

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