Trade with poloniex or masterXchange?

Which exchange do you use, and why, poloniex or masterXchange?

To avoid the pitfalls of highlighting one or two instances of “can’t withdraw, it’s a scam” speculation, I’d rather create a separate topic for a place to gather all the dis/advantages of each. This way, all can make an informed choice based on [err] fact.

If you know of other reputable exchanges that deal with safecoins, feel free to post those links here as well.

Please include source link/s to back up your claim or story.

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I’m a long time user of Poloniex because of their service, MAID price/cost, and much more developed user interface.

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I like MasterXchange because it’s quick n’ dirty, and gets the job done.

But I’ve never tried Poloniex yet

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It’s definitely risky to store your coins in an exchange the way they are set up today; however, these two are the only known reliable locations for exchange.

It’s best to simply deposit, conduct exchange and withdraw; otherwise coins are at risk considering hacking and owners running off, bitstamp hacked; mt gox… etc…

So, no worries about a minor withdrawal fee, always move all decent sums (150+ maidsafecoins or .1+bitcoins) off of the exchanges promptly.

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Poloniex has a lower withdrawal fee but a higher commission on trades. Masterxchange is the other way around, higher withdrawal fee (manual withdrawals, which is preferred by some) but a lower commission.

I agree that letting your coins linger on exchanges is an unwise decision, MtGox should have taught everyone that.

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