When will the network go live?


I have been following this blog from time to time but when will the network actually go live?

I’ve seen a roadmap with some pictures (here: Farming Launch Timescale - #2 by dallyshalla) and I understand we are nearing testnet 3, but when can we expect to live in terms of weeks, months, days??



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Nobody knows, all we can do is march through the roadmap and form that its in anyone’s hands to consider how long that is. In testnet1 and 2 we have managed to reduce much of the codebase and increased performance and security. So we in parallel try to include these things as we move though the roadmap providing the deliverables as best possible. I personally am happy with the security analysis we have been able to do as well as the more effective code with the new Engineers which has proven very helpful.

The intent is to have a solid secure launch and then continue this work of getting fundamental types and efficiency, the only thing worse than proprietary code is open source mess and I think focus on future maintainability in this case is as important as launch something fast. It won’t be long though, the big puzzles are solved, it’s all implementation now.


Oh I see you are looking at the wrong roadmap, please use this one


Oke great. So maybe Q3 '15? Thanks!


I’ve mostly seen people around here expecting Q2. But like dirvine said, none knows. Software development is usually quite unpredictable.

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In mid Q4/14 my guess was May '15, but now Q3/15 sounds like a good guess to me. (Disclaimer: I don’t have any secret info, it’s just based on my intuition.)

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we should get a pool going on this, closest one to the actual release date wins the pot :stuck_out_tongue:

Test net 3 i have heard in passing should be faster than testnet 2, testnet 2 seems almost over halfway done from the roadmap, i would say April the 17th 2015 for beta :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is Mar 16th. (Disclaimer: I don’t have any secret info and no intuition involved either…lol).

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I hope it will be like one month later than Ethereum (they’ say it will be March!). That way I can make some good money on selling my Ethers and invest more in Safecoins :wink:

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