Guessing the release of Fleming

I’ve been following this project for a while and watched the bullet points for Fleming being ticked of one by one. And it’s 2 left. So close. Anyone has any guesses when it will be released?

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I like this date:

:safe: 12.02.2021 :safe:


So you reckon about a month-ish left? I think maybe it’s closer to 2-3 months but it never hurts to be optimistic

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Anyone’s guess is as good as mine!

That depends on whether that is a US calendar date or elsewhere :wink:. If that is a US calendar estimate then it would be December 2, of 2021.


I’m thinking it’s a few months down the track yet - my guess is more like June. Once they’ve got everything together - all the boxes ticked, there is going to be more tweaking to get the components to work together … we are seeing some of that happening now in the weekly reports, but it’s going to become the main task when all the bits are together.


Haha trueeee

Check out this article about timelines and delivering value.

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Testnets were suppose to be pre-Christmas and we are now a month past that. Take an educated guess and add at least 6 months to it.

I feel like a video game and software or a network are very different in the fact that in theory the game is a finished product where a network is always evolving so you can afford to release a less complete version of it.

Also while setting a timeline from the beginning might not be that bright since the scope of work might not be easily realized, once you’re years into it, shouldn’t a time line be more clear?

I think building Safe Network is different from building a game in terms of what the goal is. Also the Safe Network was called impossible and when creating something like that it also differs.
When it comes features that work and have value they will arrive when done. We know what we want the final network to do and now the features that make it possible must be worked out. The parts are being put together at this point and making this work smoothly is happening.
I think when we have beta we can better estimate a timeline for live Safe Network 1.0 launch. With beta much of the how will be done. Timelines revolve around a working network not the other way around. I suppose if this was a project were already built software was being ported you could better estimate a timeline. When there is no map or pointers and it all has to be created from scratch timelines don’t seem to work in the early phases of development.


no, because you do not know what obstacles will arise along the way… :scottefc86:


Every 4-6 months my patients gets tested again. I never sell, always follow, understand the progress. My fear will always be that the timeline is endless and regardless of the greatness that will eventually be created, it won’t matter because people will have found something that is similar but significantly worst, however it won’t matter by that point and this will never see it’s potential. I liked the article, I thought it wasn’t applicable to what we have going on here.

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As much as I’d love to be wrong, ill guess at not before June.

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This is only true if you look at things in the short term. I have said it before and I will say it again:

I’ve noticed a trend in my thinking recently (last 18 months) … I used to say to friends who are interested that “it’s two years away” … I said that as far back as eight years ago I think … but more recently I’ve been tapering it down. I feel we are around a year away from beta (Maxwell?) … I don’t know what that says about it’s eventual release except that it feels like we are a hell of a lot closer now.


Similar here. I figure it’s close enough I shouldn’t have to blab any longer because relatively shortly I can just share a link to the Safe Network App or the Safe Browser. At that point, no one will get us to shut up I’m sure.


I guess to me, and I’m not complaining but rather trying to realistic, if Maxwell is a year off, it’s most likely longer off then that and if it gets released in 18 months having it hit during a prime bullrun for both attention and monetary gain are probably gone. I don’t think completion of every item is everything but I do think timing is.

I’m trying to keep it real too … but I have been wrong since the beginning have been too optimistic … I am aware of that though and have been trying to be more realistic. Overall I’m bullish. What Safe Net enables will be huge and I feel most people way underestimate the potential possibilities.

Regards bullruns, they come & go and IMO that’s all we can know of the future.

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There are too many moving parts to this beast to make an educated guess. It will happen when it happens