How to get started farming and what software do you need

Could someone help direct me on how I get started with farming. Is it available now and is there any software I need to download.? Thank you very much

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Hey sorry to tell you but farming is not yet possible because the network is in the alpha 2 stage and not yet fully launched :slight_smile:

First we need alpha 3 +4 and beta before real safecoin will be farmable :blush:

As of now you can test the client side of the network but the fully decentralized routing&storage layer is not yet hardened enough for withstanding all forms of attacks (maidsafe is working on implementing the concepts for this right in this moment : )


thank you. Are there any dates for Alpha 4 or 5?



No dates I’m afraid. We are approaching alpha 3 (follow the weekly updates or sign up for email, and if you want a closer look see the tasks on Jira - sometimes mentioned in the update or in that topic).

I think alpha 3 to 4 / 5 could be relatively quick, because things are coming together technically, more staff, and some overlapping of those tests. But there are always unkown unkowns to remind me of my wishful thinking :slight_smile: , so no predictions.