How will MaidSafe get the real SafeCoins to pay us for our MaidSafecoin?

Is MaidSafe just gonna farm a whole lot on the network to get all the real actual SafeCoin so it can buy our MaidSafecoin from us 1to1?

Or did they hard code a section into the network that says: “SafeCoin is earned through farming EXCEPT if you’re MaidSafe foundation, who automatically gets 10% of total supply at network launch”

Just trying to put it together in my head

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There will be a block coded in, these will actually be generated though and will exist as real safecoins with multisig. When folk prove ownership and removal (or send to exchange address) then they get the safecoin xfered to them. The minute detail will be ironed out at that time, there’s plenty of us in house with small amounts we can test on ourselves so will be fine.


Oh I see, so the network–not people–takes care of it, sounds like. That’s what I didn’t know about.

Well yeah that sounds like the most logical way to go about it

Thank you very much, and sorry if this has been answered already.

I assume that these will be distributed fairly evenly over the address space?


Absolutely otherwise they would cause a pause in farming.