What’s up today? (Part 2)

That is a topic that will cause divorce.

The final paragraph stating difference doesn’t mean one is better than the other will be completely lost on many.

I briefly considered sending it to my wife, then I decided to have a nice day instead.


O Josh, you just made my day as well. Saw the link, figured I’d share it with my wife as well, saw your comment and instantly knew I had to choose between a nice day and sharing. Thank you for preventing me, and arguably so many others, doing something so incredibly stupid :joy:


Maybe Autonomi should reconsider use of Figma, not specifically for this abuse but for the never ending series of abuses of their users by centralised platforms.

And Discord? :thinking:


…and Twitter.

This guy (who I’ve followed for a while on Mastodon) has 129K Twitter followers and only 10K on Mastodon but gets much better exposure and engagement on the latter.

Yet Autonomi have only an unofficial account on Mastodon :man_shrugging:


On X I have 396 followers and only an occasional retweet with very little engagement on my posts.
On Mastadon (Liberdon) I have 749 followers and a fair amount of boosts (reshares) and moderate engagement.
On Minds.com I have 707 subscribers with many reshares and moderate engagement.

I don’t know what it all means, but seems to me that the smaller platforms are definitely much more effective for engagement. I also feel that many of my X followers are fake bots - judging by the profiles of many of them. Whereas on the other platforms they are real people. All up I feel X is a good place to find well known people and possibly engage with some of them, but in terms of grassroots building of a network, the small platforms are the place to be.

Edit: before facebook shut down my account I had thousands of followers with only very little engagement and reshares. In the Early days of facebook it was the opposite, but one day it just stopped - like I was put behind a firewall.


Who else is the EU paying off silently with my tax money to work against my freedoms?


The woke traitors, their only contribution to the EU for the last decades have been importing crime, extremism, terror and barbarism to Europe. They are beyond horrible and history will judge them hard, hell awaits them all.

Praise Musk who sacrificed a huge part of his wealth to save democracy and freedom of speech in US and EU.

There are many things I don’t like about X but it is such an important platform for the people of US and EU to fight tyranny, oppression and occupation.

May the tyrrants of EU fall! Vive l’Europe, vive la libération.


They’re not attacking your free speech.
They’re protecting you against fake news and propaganda.

(Also, I injected battery acid in my prefrontal cortex.)


I want to understand, what in that tweet shows they asked X anything. I don’t know what is being asked of X here other than access to data for researchers. Obviously the important stuff is not shown

One thing is to stop selling blue ticks because they used to be a mark of account verification, but now are used to deceive and scam. The preliminary judgement (based on the EU DMA) has been posted on Mastodon but I didn’t read the document but that’s one issue someone highlighted.

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Most of which comes from the people trying to censor, remember the mainstream news saying for the last 4 years that Biden is fit and well :joy:


Our fresh new dutch PM said yesterday that Biden calling Zelenskyy Putin was just a normal slip of the tongue and that the rest of his speech was sharp and energetic.

Really unexpected coming from the former head of the intelligence service…


Trudeau was also saying it, it’s like they have people telling them to say it :thinking:



To verify accouns with a blue tick makes it more likely that it is a legitimate account, to make it cost a fee makes it more expensive to create fake accounts?

Totally expected more like…
He only got to be head of the intelligence service because he knew which arses required the most assidious licking.


They used to be verified, now they are just for sale.

So it costs money but progress nothing and people with a lot of money or who can make money are using it to mislead and steal.


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Bill Bryson is awesome, , also suggest his autobiography growing up as a kid in Des Moines IOWA, seriously funny stuff, I lol through the whole reading, mirrors a lot of what I grew up with as a Kid out west and then later in the East of the GWN… slightly later 50s vintage kid than Bryson, my experiences were still very much similar then in the 60s before the wheels really fell off this place in 68… the wikipedia post actually forgets to tell you the book covers his time growing up the 60s as well…, during Johnson’s forced US integration, often at gun point of whites and blacks…