MaidSafe mentioned on r/Futurology!

Hey guys!

I’m a big fan of Ray Kurzweil, and put all his predictions into a simplified diagram, and posted it to Reddit.

It’s been going pretty viral, and got 1,237 upvotes in the first 3 hours.

MaidSafe was one of the predictions!!

It’s in the “2010s” block on the timeline / diagram.

Check it out!!

My first viral Reddit post :slight_smile: Yay MaidSafe!!



I made sure to mention MaidSafe specifically in the post too :slight_smile:

Always trying to publicize you guys!!!


Wow. THis is big news.

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Thanks man!

Hey guys!

Remember that MaidSafe pic timeline I posted to Reddit (r/Futurology) yesterday that went pretty viral?

Well it got almost 1 million views on its Imgur (hosting site)!!! It’s at 981,785 as of right now, and only going up!

I think it will hit a million soon!

Always trying to publicize MaidSafe; die hard fan.

Check it out! (original link; MaidSafe is mentioned in the “2010s” predictions box): I put all Kurzweil's future predictions on a timeline. Enjoy! - Imgur

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nicely done!

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