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In the spirit of What’s up today?:

Hi guys, got the idea of creating a unique video-topic where you can check what people here have found interesting to watch (instead of single topics for every such). You can share here everything about crypto, science, society or anything else that attracts your attention, and that you found worthwhile watching. Doesn’t need to be newly produced.

I have wanted to share nice videos many times, and also I wonder what interesting stuff other people of this community are finding. So, here it is.

A few rules to follow:

  1. Give a short description and reason why it is worth seeing.
  2. If it’s only a part of the video, link to that part.

This makes it a bit slower to produce than a post in What’s up today? topic. On the other hand I see that it is often also longer content (I often watch 1-2 hour videos), that makes it worth while.


Can you add that they must describe what the video is. I usually NEVER watch a video unless the video has some description so I can work out if I want to watch it

In other words entice me to watch it rather than expecting me to watch it because they thought it was good.


The guy is stating something quite controversial to the software industry: estimates are useless. It’s also presented intelligently. The topic is very relevant for software development I would say.


To me, this video is so much more than just about how to happy. I see it as presenting information on how to be a good person and bring about the changes you want to see in the world. I’m not religious either and still find this video a very good watch.

“The future of the world will be a network, not a pyramid turned upside down”.


Not a video, but a podcast about someone, whose son, was killed at Sandy Hook. His family was harassed by people who believed the shooting at Sandy Hook was a conspiracy. So he decided to fight back. This involved a lot of moving due to harassment and also reporting for example a lot of videos to Youtube to take down. It seems he has a part in Alex Jones his ban on multiple platforms for example. I have a feeling this guy won’t be happy with the Safe Network.

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A lot of confusion can arise from using over-simplified terminology to denote complex political views. Words like right, left, conservative, liberal et al. also mean different things in different countries. Here in Finland some rather peculiar people have started getting offended when being referred to as Nazis. They insist on being called National Socialists instead… I think this is good satire.


This is my fav youtube channel. Check out Kitboga if you want to see more. Its basically about baiting scammers. Like this dude fights fire with fire. Here is one of the more entertaining ones IMO. In this one he just talks on the phone but in many he will have a virtual machine running and let them syskey it or he will create a website for a fake bank account and let them “break in.” Some of you more technically minded people may prefer those videos more.


McAfee explains in great detail what will happen in 2020 with his d*********** if the Bitcoin does not reach at least 1 million … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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That is funny :slightly_smiling_face:
La Roux seems a like a guy to remind him of his promise :wink:
Ps I subtly referenced the original video already 2 times on the forum.

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Monetary policies…


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he means estimates as in making a guess. I guess the guy that said that that estimates can be accurate he means by the proccess he discribes

Safe discussed in a TED talk.


Kind of click bait-y there.

Do I need to insert “truthful” or “accurate” before reason?

(To everyone: The video is about super intelligent AI, problems it can cause and how we shall avoid it. It has absolutely nothing to do with SAFE).


It was accurate, but subtle.:wink:
A significant portion of his talk indirectly describes SAFE Network development, it’s challenges and the forsight required by the dev team. I’m surprised you didn’t see the parallels. If you want a more literal description here are some toungue in cheek spoilers :

13:25 - “the answer is to create super intelligent AI that if/when it escapes, it is still SAFE… Because it shares our values.”

15:18 - “making super intelligent AI is a really hard challenge, making super intelligent AI that is SAFE involves some additional challenge on top of that…”


A very wide interpretation of ‘accurate’, and ‘describes SAFENetwork development’.
Your description could fit on the video I posted as well (if not better), and many other videos.

Whatever, post and write what you want. It’s meant to be helpful towards others who will spend time watching the video based on your description.


In my opinion one or the most epic videos on YouTube. Best to watch on a big screen with decent sound.

Edit: Super-high resolution image of Andromeda galaxy from Hubble (NASA/ESA)


I love this video, Everyone's Upstairs Neighbors - YouTube

Not informative, pure entertainment

I for one will not watch a video unless I know what it is about and why I should even bother watching it


little description added Neo:

Super-high resolution image of Andromeda galaxy from Hubble (NASA/ESA)


For the small overlap of people into pickup trucks and electrical vehicles:

Tesla converted to Truckla :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:
I’ve been wanting this as well. Although I don’t think Teslas look that good. Polestar 2 is a much more elegant design. Such a shame it’s useless for driving around logs, stones and other useful stuff…