What project/site should be centralized and what decentralized?

I was curious why youtube doesnt include button “buy this beat from song” (monetization: shares from sell) and it introduced me to thoughts as if someday will be there mainstream of decentralized youtube, this function should be in…

To thoughts: have decentralized accepted copyright global site

to thoughts:
“what next projects should be for sure decentralized” and what can be keeped centralized…?


Loved a blockchain project from Imogen Heap a while back, where you could pay for a track and the money was instantly divided among the artists. Take this further by seperating video, tracks, VST plugins and you could even pay for a sample or clip and instantly drag it to your project on the SAFE Network. Even the like, comment and subscribe could be nano payments, dynamic fees suspends the payouts until it reach an acceptable fee price.

In the future everything could be an invisible ad without the hyper intrusive tracking, extra data issuage and stalker behavior. You could be in an vid and I could click on your hoodie, which is a refferallink where I can buy the same hoodie and you would directly receive your cut from that buy. Likewise for everything in your vid, I can directly pay the artist or the people through NRS can be payment address, email and website. No second spend on talking about an ad, you can focus on your content. I uderstand why people don’t accept bitcoin, but Patreon which takes a cut from their payment. Accepting SAFE is potentially your next data upload, computation, NRS, message or fee payment. Sure on Youtube you can pay with Google pay, if your 18, got a creditcard and live in an ‘acceptable’ part of the world.

I’m subscribed to a few Youtubers, that I’ll give some SAFE to upload their content to the SN.

Ideally you want everything to be decentralized, moreover money for the people.
If people want to be taken seriously, they should demand that all bank and gov activities are on the blockchain.

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