Scalibility, governance and other stuff

Good article showing the issues with dapps. Pretty sure Safenetwork has these licked


That dApp would fit perfectly on SAFENetwork, but I am not sure why you would want scripts running on a blockchain to achieve it.

It would be pretty cool to be able to send some safecoin to an address, then let the receiver derive your public key, then grant your key access to a movie file via multisig. They could just send a link back in a safe message/receipt (secure too, naturally).

Then you could stream using the benefits of torrent like parallel chunk downloads.


That is a fantastic idea. I would love to see something like this in operation


How would copyright work on a DApp platform? I think the entire concept of decentralization would eliminate media copyright altogether. IMO, this is a good thing, because one can still keep a “trademark” and this trademark would serve to inform the consumer about the publisher of the media.

For example, if I write a Star Wars book, I should have a right to sell it, However, I can’t carry the “Disney” or “LucasArts” media brand trademark, because this is an identifier to inform the consumer as to the whom is the publisher of this “forked” media, and from there they can make a determination as to whether the media has merit in regards to their own personal preference.
If people like my “fork” of Star Wars better, why should they be denied access to it, and why should I be denied the ability to profit from this “fork”?