Greg from Qbix and Intercoin - Hi there

Hey all! This is my first post on here. I am coming from a project called Intercoin (, which my friends and I started about a year ago. It lets communities issue and manage their own currencies for their members. Before that, I ran a startup called Qbix ( which built a platform for communities to launch their own social apps to connect their members.

We find that social networks form a very good base for adding a payment layer on top. Money derives its value from a sort of network effect, same as social networks. You can see this with WeChat, Facebook Payments, Google Payments, and now Kik and Telegram ICOs. However, all those networks are global and monolithic. We want a federated DLT that gets partitioned by community, however large or small it is.

When I looked at the SAFE project, I really thought you guys had just the right architecture for file storage. It is the closest in spirit to the kind of technology we aim to build. It is actually decentralized and secure in the most effective way. When I was designing Intercoin’s payment system, I came across very similar ideas. Kademlia trees, DAGs for histories permissions and rules, and local rather than global consensus. We also added some new concepts, such as the Permissionless Timestamping Network, which you guys might like.

I have some criticism / questions about how you are implementing crypto-currency on top of SAFE (MaidSAFE?) but I will write that in another topic.


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