We're in the Mastercoin Roadmap

Mastercoin Roadmap (5th Aug 2014):

February / March 2015:

28 Launch universal decentralized syncing of the blockchain via the SAFE Network.

Anyone know what this means? @nicklambert

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December 2014 / January 2015:
27. Begin integrating Master Protocol on top of SAFE Network.

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It “looks” like they plan to use the SAFE Network to host their protocol, similar to what Ethereum is planning. The de-duplication feature of our platform may be more appealing than we thought.

I won’t celebrate just yet, but this sounds very exciting.


I think so too! Where did you read Ethereum is planning to do the same?


Thanks @dyamanaka !

This raises two scenarios I hadn’t considered. So far, I understand:

  • private storage is paid by the uploader, either with resources or Safecoin
  • public storage is not just free, but the uploader is rewarded according to how much the content is accessed

Two problems:

  1. People encrypt data and then upload it to public shares, avoiding payment but keeping their data private
  2. Ethereum/Mastercoin upload data (e.g. a blockchain) to public shares that makes money for them (transaction fees), and get paid by ProjectSAFE, rather than paying for the resources they consume.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood the plan?

EDIT: Discussion of this over here

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I just found out about their roadmap plans quite recently @happybeing, so both exciting and new news to us!

Thought you were on the board! Any info you can share will of course be lapped up here. :slight_smile: Hope you had a good time in London.

I’m a board observer @happybeing. I will be speaking with their CTO later this week and will try and find out more and confirm that they are happy for me to post more detail about their plans within this forum.
Great time in London thanks, not sure I would recommend the ‘sleeper’ (probably easier to get to sleep on the waltzers!). Happy to be back to the coal face again tomorrow :smile:

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