What other projects, teams, organisations, or businesses inspire you?

Interested in hearing about other orgs and teams that inspire you aside from this project?

Could be from the decentralised space, tech, or outside of all that.

What resonates with you and why, particularly in there way they communicate?


SpaceX. They just produce results, time and time again. Not an easy thing to do in that industry, and the only noise they make is the sounds of rockets blasting off.


Damn that was the immediate thought I had.

Their fast iteration through designs is a breath of fresh air in their industry and reminded me of Maidsafe iterating through designs as they hone in on a suitable design.

Also their willingness to be open (so much more than others) and willingness to fail in order to improve.

Also the design philosophy to remove unnecessary parts and to only reintroduce parts when they can be proven to be needed or testing shows it.

Spacex reminds me of how Maidsafe has been progressing.


I know this won’t seem helpful but this is my favorite project and favorite team. The .tech site design, the big ideas, the authentic videos, the transparent development updates all get me excited.

Anything that just rolls my whole digital life into a (ironically) centralized and functional space that is decentralized, private, secure and in my control on the back end, is so desperately needed.

As far as who in the crypto space besides SN, probably Tezos. They put a great deal of focus on the art community, being eco friendly, SXSW, have had candid short interviews with artists that align with the grass roots and eco conscious focus of Tezos. Quincy Jones and OneOf had many solid partnerships that got the Tezos name out, doing NFT and music NFT drops with famous trending artists and stuff with the Grammys. Was kind of impressive but honestly seems like a flash in the pan now. The production and branding is always consistent and professional. Aside from presentation they also like Maidsafe are not afraid to innovate on the technical level. It seems their formal verification code base has really gotten them in good graces with some government pilot projects and financial services.

Outside of the crypto specific space… hate to say it almost but Apple and Google.

Apple has a solid focus on minimalism that appeals to me. Just words to come to mind when I think of them are quality, status, pristine, definition, contours, minimalist, fully featured ecosystem. Of course I don’t think this highly of them that is just what I interpret from their marketing. But it’s kind of amazing that it’s not said outright but implied, mostly visually. It’s also becoming easier to manage most types of files from mobile and collaborate with others and have things synced across devices. Obviously most of the big tech companies focus on this now but it is just that important to have.

Google I feel has good products that often think of many little details and edge cases that can make the difference. I like that they get visually creative with their marketing. It seems like they kind of pick a creative style and remain consistent with it for awhile and that is nice because it can be refreshing but also not chaotic feeling. Not as minimalist feeling as Apple imo but not very busy either.

I like Tesla car, interior, models and designs but the head honcho guy there isn’t as admirable as he once was. Not that he really probably ever deserved it tbh. But the way he was accessible on social media (Twitter) to customers/fans and would just answer “Done”, made people feel heard, had good ideas, and they could get what they wanted, even if it was kind of a joke or silly. That and the focus on design and innovation are always big winners to me.

Hope this is helpful in some way Jim. Good luck though I don’t think you’ll really need it. :wink:


It may go against the decentralized ethos but projects/orgs that have a passionate charismatic spokesperson (typically the founder) get my attention even when I don’t closely follow or have too much interest.


Was just going to say, one of my points of Elon being accessible on Twitter and just integrating peoples random suggestions was so cool but as you stated, requires a person/personality.

Bitcoin OTOH just has some historic emails and a pseudonym. Mystery. It’s almost the complete opposite.

Maidsafe doesn’t have that luxury and probably doesn’t want a figure head either. I would like to see the history of being decades in the making, the resilience, the devoted global and grassroots community and community driven team, etc be a focus.

The inspiration from nature, bio engineering stuff, inspired and intrigued all of us early on and made the idea easier to understand. Relating it to nature and humanity seems like a good path.

That Timelapse of the top crypto coins from 2014 to present and seeing MAID go from the bottom to the top to out of site but hopefully back up top someday could say a lot too. This project wasn’t a flash in the pan it just kept going. It persisted and was resilient and will come to solidify its position as apex in the evolution of exchange, data, and communications networks.

I can’t wait to see what is to come.


I really like the way AMD does it nowadays in the hardware/software areas. like their drivers are nice and feature rich, the have good APUs and gaming CPUs, like the 7800x3d uses a fraction of 13900k wattage but maintains same or better performance.

in the GPU area they are maturing, even if they dont compete with nvidias top GPU they stated that they wanted to focus more on the bulk of gamers and not for holo product and I respect that.

also 3dvcache is such a cool inovation, like they give l3 cache cause its needed in games.

where intel and nvidia are more focused on the creators and streamers side of things, AMD aims for no bulshit $/perfomance value!

p.s. happy 5800x3d owner! I just dont play games lately (only Dota 2) so I am using Ryzen 5 5600G APU and gave the 5800x3d to my bro cause he is a full time gamer!

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I really love how down to earth the creators of Sweat are. Every month there is a raffle for an online dinner with one of the founders* (I hope to win the raffle someday and give my prize to one of the MaidSafe team. Maybe there will be a good opportunity for cooperation between two projects like Safe and Sweat ).

It’s always nice to have opportunities to connect with the people behind a project, and a monthly Safe raffle with a prize an online dinner with one of the team would be a fantastic way to engage with the community.

The prize may be for Safe’s most active supporter on Twitter. Additionally, it could help to promote the #SafeNetwork hashtag and encourage more people to participate in discussions and share their thoughts about the project.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


With their Alphafold they’ve solved protein folding, this use to take decades.

I hope their Alphacode reach a point that it can code everything. Would be fun if it could code proteins after running through your genome and autocode virus variants antidote. I wonder if @ some point we can stop talking about drug discovery and our own immune system can copy/store/update through dna storage on SAFE Network? If a new virus discovered in the wild could be instantly examined/shared and neutralized.

solving intelligence to advance science and benefit humanity

Hihi most inspiring because it all started with games :crazy_face:


There are so few surprises, the way that economics, politics and other spheres are geared.

So, I really like anything positively disruptive. SpaceX, ChatGPT… occasionally companies standing their ground against authority being absurd… Coinbase v SEC atm it seems. Also, unashamedly support Russia stance v Western conceit… the good fight that resists the excesses that are inherently evil.

All of which sums to a sense of those who do not default to normal and then surprise with evidence that cannot be denied. Talk less and walk with big stick. To be hoped as reality starts to bring traction back to economics and politics, that less fluff and nonsense will become more common but atm there are too few who inspire without some compromise that stifles the idea.

One of the big positives from this project is that it’s rooted in base principles of privacy, security and freedom. Clear and simple messaging for what is truly important. :+1:


one other crypto project that really impresses me is Radix (XRD). Very strong tech and a big vision. Pretty much all other “ethereum killers” are using the approach of being compatible with the ethereum virtual machine in order to quickly lure projects from the eth-ecosystem onto their project. Radix is taking the hard approach of not doing this, instead building something better from scratch. Which means a slower start but ultimately a very compelling proposition. So in that sense they remind me of MaidSafe. Combine that with a solid team, great marketing, community engagement. Plus the fact that they keep releasing what they said, when they said. An interesing and fun one to watch.


This is exactly my point, Musk divisive as he may be to some, Jobs, CZ many have similar products/ideas but don’t reach similar levels of success.
@BambooGarden mentions Radix, I attribute a lot of their recentish exposure to Piers.
Certain people have an innate ability to convey the message and inspire.

I’d argue if you compare 10 projects with identical goals /products the most successful will be narrowed down to one or 2 people who are the face of that org.

Omg is this the future of dating?

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openAI, chatgpt is fucking crazy, this technology is going to transform the world, hopefully for the better


Maybe I should have mentioned Andreas Antonopolous for Bitcoin. I see your point.


just spitballing for marketing as this is the thread to find a message going forward:

my suggestion:

better safe than sorry

could be used as a positive that this project was born long before bitcoin


MAPS, Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, is an organization I like a lot. It was founded in 1986, psychedelics were widely seen as a work of Satan. They have been the main driver in change in attitudes we are now witnessing.

I don’t know if there is anything super-special about them (except their task), but they are just very open in their communication and the scope of their action is impressive, ranging from harm-reduction and public policy to funding medical research.

There is also one central figure in that organization, Rick Doblin, whose perseverance has been the main fuel for that all. But as a public figure he is much more down to earth than Musk for example. There are some inspiring interviews with him in Youtube, where he speaks about the difficulties they have met and won.


Hmmmmm my bad I thought this thread was just 4…

If MAID was on Stellar, liquidity would be easy through MG

I think Stellar is the payment network that we can learn the most from, because they got real world companies and their smartcontract solution Soroban is extraordinary.

Demo from Vibrant and issues with fees, custody, trustlinks

PS also how Stellar funds projects is amazing and worth spending the time. Imco Stellar is the #1 crypto who’s serious when it comes to payments.

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The update tempts this thread is about branding and marketing… which had me wonder that those are just a difference that circle around the product… and it’s the product that matters most. Delivery of something new should be an easy sell…

Delivery that evidences rather than hype that doesn’t… seeing rockets land themselves or Musk putting a car into space for the lols, was so unexpected. Tesla was another and rumoured to have no marketing dept. Still branding and marketing cannot fail to increase visibility so those not all bad for promoting the product and punching into new users awareness… still it comes back to that experience of the product… so iterative… forcing a product that doesn’t yet do is harder work that noting a new product that does what noone else can.


Another company which I look at from time to time because of the AI and robot advancement is Telsa.

Their marketing is officially none, but they do make a lot of news and noise in the tech space and in the news. While not actual marketing they are using their tech announcements to create activity/noise/talk about them. Often the noise/talk is negative which some is deserved.

I guess the point is that this is one company that doesn’t go out to officially market themselves.

I also think SpaceX doesn’t either but since most of the work they get is from applying for contracts this is understandable for spacex.

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Part of Tesla was the use of data, which was not obvious but clever background to what and how the cars function… each car contributing its experience, was novel yet obviously a good idea… the surprise that such is possible now…