What other projects, teams, organisations, or businesses inspire you?

Yes true, but I doubt this is relevant to the marketing ideas Jim is after.

The data is used for training the AI and for identifying problems in design and where improvements can be made. Also they used data to realise that moon roof was barely used so the base models do not include it anymore. Obviously misuse would be so easy

What safe can do for the ways that data is used… splitting data from applications is often talked of but seeing that realised in the raw would be a surprise :thinking:


An example:

World of Engineering

Tesla’s laser windshield wipers have been published by the US Patent Office on Mar. 24, 2022. Can’t wait to see it in action !

Don’t hold your breath.

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Yeah, hard to see how that would work in a rainstorm. Maybe a supplement, not a replacement?

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Or marketing hype to keep the geek followers slavering and create cheap publicity. It sounds like Musk’s cave submarine.

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Quite a time-consuming and costly endeavor just for some hype, don’t you think?

I’m not saying it’s true, but I don’t think it is necessarily more costly than the PR and exposure that Musk related hype would cost to buy.

When people say Musk’s companies don’t do marketing I :man_shrugging:t3:

More precisely, people say they don’t have a marketing budget.

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If MaidSafe is successful in the marketplace but they have to lie and manipulate people to do it, that’s not success. If SNT is worth absolutely wild money, but some new really effective method of surveillance appears and people are not more free in any practical, real sense, that’s not success.

The big tech companies say - again and again, it’s almost all they say actually in the ad campaigns they run - that they love creativity, sharing, community, and freedom. They say this, of course, because the exact opposite is true: they hate those things, and fear them, and would be totally undone if ordinary people had them. They rely on the ignorance and disempowerment of the computer-using masses in order to maintain their control over the infrastructure which defines our lives.

This is not to be lauded, and is no real success at all. I don’t care how much money they made for shareholders, or how many glossy magazine covers they appear on.

Organisations and teams that inspire me are ones that promote real creativity, sharing, community and freedom - in a serious sense, without compromise - MaidSafe being maybe the most ambitious and (almost ridiculously) focused and determined one I’m aware of.

Otherwise, there’s Guix in operating system land which is picking up a lot of steam, Emacs is a beacon of freedom and empowerment and is modernising hard and communicating it better and better, the people working on Nyxt browser are doing some very interesting work. The Free Software movement generally is refreshingly uncompromising and focused on freedom. People involved with the Right to Repair, Free Hardware companies (MNT, Olimex, etc), the EFF, Brewster Kahle and the people of the Internet Archive, Wikileaks and the people involved with them over the years.

Specifically, and lastly, it isn’t so much the way these projects and people communicate - it’s the way they repeatedly prove their commitment to freedom and a better world by their actions.


Can we please stay on topic and leave the Elon is wrong to the Elon topic please. Jim is not after why Elon is a moron or publicity hunter/user criticism. It maybe very true but useless here.


Thank you for doing it for me with this post - nothing to add, nothing less, you explained very well what the intentions of this thread are.


I absolutely love Open Source Ecology for their vision, transparency, and organizational decentralization – their main goal is to replicate their approach as far as possible, they want to share the power and the idea beyond their organization. They don’t try to be a bunch of super-clever people, that keep the know-how and can’t be replaced.

And, of course, for their leader being Polish :slight_smile:


+1 for Open Source Ecology. Amazing project. I love the idea, the ethos, the modularity. I first learned about them at least 10 years ago and its been a few years since i checked in, so I better do so. Then off to build a bulldozer out of lumber and such. :wink:


I think many of us have liked that project and brought it up in the Devolution app thread on this forum if I remember correctly but I also haven’t checked in in many years, so same!


Here is a closely related question:

Other than Maidsafe, which project has the best user forum/user community? Is anyone else even close?