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Just wanted to post a link to my recent interview with Nick.

I write for a digital arts site called The Space, so this has more of a slant toward the potential creative opportunities MaidSafe might offer.

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“the pair and their team have taken the company to the verge of beta launch, which is slated for sometime before the end of 2014.”

What?! Is this a mistake/outdated or am I missing something?

Never believe what you read…

…especially about software development time scales :slight_smile:


Sadly true, the roadmap is the golden where we are measurement I think, Together with the dev updates its where everyone can be sure what’s complete and what’s getting worked on. As ever it takes longer than we imagine, but hopefully not to far off. I will be happy to get testnet2 finished this year at this rate. I would hope that means rudp/routing/drive/nfs are there so the resources on vaults and user apps should be very focussed (10 devs in vault as opposed to 3 at the moment) and I hope testnet3 goes much faster. We will see though, I don know there will be no slaking :smiley:


Testnet 3 looks a little shorter not saying that it couldn’t come with more challenges. I’ve edited my anticipation for early to mid February. You can’t rush something this good!


Apologies… didn’t mean to mislead. I was going on the initial published timescales. Will check and amend the article

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Seriously! I have been watching this project for quite some time. SAFE is exactly what we need and NOW is exactly when we need it. Timing is everything.

I had been talking to Jared at Coinsetter for almost a year while MtGox was being manipulated and crashed. I kept telling him 'you need to launch soon. He launched a few months after Gox died. Way to little - Way too late.

There are all sorts of laws and countries looking to tax and throttle the internet. Now is the time to make this really fly (catch on).

Wait a year and it will be like - meh

Um, unless I have missed a massive explosion of other groups working to solve these basic problems, until SAFE comes out we will be looking for a decentralized alternative to the current NSA penetrated, data hoarding internet we have now.

There isn’t anyone else even really working in this space except Storj, and as I think some of their devs have said on occasion, the two solutions are so different in operation and scope as to not be in competition with one another.

Whether Maidsafe comes out next year or in two years, there will be a massive demand for what it provides.


I think @Spongebob means that right now privacy and security is trending among the general public as well, not just among “us”. Wait too long and the general public gets too used to having no privacy and then get the meh-mentality. I agree with him, best forge the iron when it is hot.

Not that MaidSafe should rush into a premature release of course, that’s worse than releasing late.

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These Ethereum people are creating “Pitch-Black Darkness” with their Whipser-app. It’s gonna run side by side with Mist (their browser) and the blockchain etc. Still quite different from Maidsafe but they have a huge team working on these projects. So they will provide (as far as I know) safe messaging as well. They’ll probably work on a Dropbox like storage app for Ethereum 2.0.

Apparently the most shocking of NSA revelations are still to come. February is soon and not much has changed with net neutrality either. Ethereum will doubtfully be done anytime soon besides already seeming unscalable to me, and SAFE solves so many problems that I think it will be fine.


Last thing I heard from their COO in an interview is March or even February. I also don’t see it as a threat to Maidsafe, I think I’ll run them both :slight_smile:

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I like the group working on ethereum but not only do I think they’re trying to solve a problem kind of backwards something about it is creepy to me. Prolly all the punishment stuff trying to solve game theory. Eeks


Ethereum is conceptually very interesting. I just have a hard time believing digital contracts in that form will have much traction in practice. Therefore I think Ethereum is overhyped, not because it’s not a good idea, but because very few people will actually use it. Most people and companies are quite conservative in such matters, remember that the crypto-community is probably one of the most open to new ideas in the world. We may think it’s great, the rest of the world will just stick to what they know, with change coming (very) slowly.


I actually think it could potentially be abused by statists and the like by having you sign a digital contract for your utilities etc. efficient? Yes. And as much as I like the idea of technological unemployment (I’m not kidding) I think it lacks human intervention in a system that is already lacking in true humanity. I’ll agree that it is interesting though and also that it will likey not be quickly adopted. Maybe amongst experimental seasteaders that aim to evolve government someday ;p

Yes. The point is that I am excited about the whole concept and functionality of maidSAFE. With Facebook going Facial Recognition / AI in a couple weeks and people freaking about it, we have an opportunity now.

I have stopped using all my accounts, LinkedIn, facebook, google docs, cal, plus,etc. Now I just have one box connected to the internet and I am listed as a sponge… My previous post was just me stating frustration that we have no alternatives as of yet. There are many who are not planning on agreeing to the new facebook terms and may just give up.

I have no clue how many problems still remain or when there will be some sort of network operating. But if it were, I might consider going back to coding.

What? Do you have a source? I haven’t heard about this before.

Most of it is being discussed on facebook - which I no longer sign on to… Here are a couple that I can access freely.