What is safe to expect at launch?

Just kind of wondering,

What would it be safe to hope for at launch?

I know there is a push to get this officially out before the end of 2014,

And wanted to know like what the world can basically expect to have at that time.

(but I’m aware anything is subject to change. That’s a rule for everything in this universe, after all O.o)

Like, maybe,:

  • functioning raw SAFEnet (SAFERnet? Lol how will we refer to this whole new internet, colloquially? Maybe we just gotta wait n see:)
    The following (for Linux, Windows and Mac?)
  • farming software?
  • browser?
  • SafeCoin wallet / payment app?
  • basic Dropbox storage?

I just kind of wanted to know what’s “in-the-works” and what some basic goals were :slight_smile:

An eternal MaidSafe fan,
Freedom or bust. Amen. :slight_smile:


A huge push and its looking both good and scary. The thing that really pleases me is the amount of deep help we are getting to make sure this is incredibly solid. I cannot describe the tiredness, but the goal is absolute, this will happen regardless of anything else. It will happen right though.


This is an image of the MaidSafe Core project on the atlassian opensource Agile storyboard;

I would just keep contributing thoughts about what you would like to see happen regarding apps and concerns about how it works, perhaps take up a couple of programming languages if you haven’t done so; and participate in your maximum capacity as you can on during each phase until the release. This is an extraordinary undertaking. Think of it as vast in work as making the first internet.


Another question we answered in the interview! Stay tuned. :wink:

Just kidding… there’s a bunch of example apps that are listed at the bottom of the roadmap here which can give a good idea: Roadmap · maidsafe-archive/MaidSafe Wiki · GitHub

David also hinted at a docker environment for shipping a collection of apps at launch.

And that’s just within Maidsafe… once testnet 2 and 3 start going, builders will have a better opportunity to work with API and test networks so you might even have choices between apps with similar functionality from the start.


All great news!

Thanks everybody!!

Good and scary? Why scary?

The amount of effort and focus is scary, it always is if you stand back long enough to see it all happening. There is a very concentrated effort and getting complete has meant all hands, reducing implementation design time and review. We have resolved this now, but the workload is very high. The fear I had was being in a corner to come up with implementation design fast in between coding all day. The new system has helped significantly and we can actually have people in design and only there orchestrating implementation much better. This allows the bulk of dev to just implement what’s in front of them.

If it was not scary then that in itself would be scary :smiley: New system helps hugely though and seems to be bedding in so the operation is less reliant on quick decision and more managed approach is in place. Code quality should be significantly higher (already pretty high) and in line with design.

I see this all as a new lifeform nearly, interconnected nodes of limited intelligence all following rules and using some crypto techniques to secure and keep private information etc. So it cannot be released a tiny bit at a time, it needs to switch on with the minimum set of rules and live. Then expanding is much simpler, the initial networks have been amazing so I am comfortable, but this is something we switch on and it stays on. We cannot reboot here, this is a permanent thing. That’s what I mean by lifeform, its closer to that in my head than a traditional computer prog on a server. I don’t mean skynet :slight_smile:


Well if we’re raising a new lifeform then let’s make sure we’re loving and nurturing parents.