WebIds not showing in browser

With experiments toggled in the latest browser I am now unable to see a dropdown of my available WebIds.
WebId manager shows all available IDs but I cannot select any to use in (for example) pat.ter,
Additionally every time I make any change in safe://webidmgr.dapp/ it requests re-authentication.

Ubuntu 18.04

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Hi, when you say “latest browser” do you mean the latest release (v0.11.1) or have you built it from the latest master?

I think I am seeing the same issue. Is this what you mean? (WebIDs are there but don’t appear from the drop down list from the wee button next to the address bar.)

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Yes, this is the same problem however when I click on the “head and shoulders” icon - I get a slightly different result where it says “Updating webids” – but it lies :frowning:

I am using the latest linux binary release v0.11.1

I will try building from the latest on Github now and report back

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OK, thanks - I have reproduced it using a build I did today so it does indeed seem an issue - I am pretty sure this was previously functioning so there must have been a change that caused it fairly recently.

The browser team are aware of it so hopefully we’ll get it fixed soon.


Thank you, please note I edited the last post

Yes indeed, it was working just fine, so a recent change must have broken it

It looks like you are seeing slightly different behaviour to myself but it’s definitely broken!! I’ve spoken to the browser team and this feature (WebID manager) is still pretty immature and needs both UX input and further development.Hopefully we’ll get it fixed in a release in the near future.


Well we know it is due some attention anyway to remove the restriction on using a domain already used in the Web Hosting Manager in the WebId manager.

Hence I had to make safe://www.pie <–nothing to see yet - soon, real soon :slight_smile:
and Web Id safe://allthe.pies ← a homage to my rotundity

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