No Testnets available?

Back after a few months I wanted to try the current network.
I get past the invitation token, but at “Chose Testnet” I only get an empty list.
This (as every http(s) link) opens in my defualt browser – is it supposed to?

Tried with SAFE browser 0.8.1, also the mock one, and with Peruse 0.3.4

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Hmmm you probably have to open with the browser you are using while surfing the forum

It’s the alpha 2 network that is online and ready to be used :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s what I’m doing, since I must logon with my forum account.

But there’s a JavaScript error in

SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier 'i'. Expected either 'in' or 'of' in enumeration syntax.  main.js:81


for (let i = 0; i < tokens.length; i++) {

I guess Safari doesn’t like “let”.

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Hmmm that’s strange… For me with Firefox everything works fine… Maybe someone from @maidsafe is still online…?

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Ok, with Opera I got further, got my Token etc. but now I get

Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network

My Safari is still 9.1.3, since I can’t leave OSX 10.9.5… Seems like I must finally retire that old s…tuff.

Just to be sure… Etc includes updating the IP of the internet connection you are using…?

(No mock - most recent version of the software i assume)


Oh yes, I didn’t think that was necessary. Now I’m in. Thank you! :smiley_cat:


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