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Continuation for the “Reimagining CLI for AGI”:

Part 4: “Q&A and the Multiverse Computing”

Part 5: “I’m building a Coding Environment for AIs”

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Language is a bit colorful. Worth watching. A very good demonstration of why
the public is ready for Autonomi.

LOUIS!!! COME ON!! Come to autonomi! Are you here?!


Interesting platform for decentralized compute on secret data.


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Is this a multi user code for promotion purposes? I’m guessing I can only hand out my code once?

At this time codes can only be used by the first person to use it. The site may accept more than as if it works but when they validate it only the first one will benefit.

It was said that the cods should be private. It kinda breaks the spirit of the program and makes the queue redundant since if you could use it more than once the codes become the new queue


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Microsoft, Open-AI, Apple, Google and Meta are going hard to suck up everyone’s personal data to feed their AI’s … and you can bet that the governments of the world are going to see it all as well. No right to privacy if you use their products.

Just say NO.

Nillion, a startup building a decentralization platform without a blockchain, raised $20 million in seed funding.

Investment firm Distributed Global led the round, and Big Brain Holdings, Chapter One, GSR, HashKey, OP Crypto and SALT Fund were among the more than 150 investors. The company’s team includes founding team members from Uber, Indiegogo and Hedera Hashgraph, as well as leaders from Coinbase and Nike.

The project is based on a mathematical innovation invented by cryptography professor Miguel de Vega called Nil Message Compute.

“Nillion could open a new universe of use cases blockchain never imagined,” David Gan, founder and general partner of OP Crypto, said in a statement. “What proof-of-work did for blockchain, I think NMC may do for multi-party computation as a technology.”

While decentralized file storage isn’t new, many existing protocols such as Filecoin and IPFS use blockchains. Nillion will enable “the fragmentation and dispersion of data across the Nillion network of nodes which creates privacy while still allowing the underlying data to be computed on quickly.” Unlike blockchain technology, Nillion’s network nodes do not need to communicate with each other to store transaction data.


Seems very similar to :ant:

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Big fan on Erik. I didn’t realise he was involved in Ai. He’d be an excellent person to get involved with Autonomi.


I post an interview of him a couple of weeks back where he talks about his AI venture:

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What one of the tech channels on youtube has to say about AI

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The “experts” lie - for professional profit.

    0:00 Intro
    0:33 About This Paper
    4:32 The Ben Bernanke Problem
    9:04 Assessing Economic Exceptionalism
    13:59 Ersatz Economics and the Problem of Trust
    17:19 What Does It Mean?
    19:16 Outro