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A pivotal moment for Intel … could be good, could be catastrophic if they fail.

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New company “Ohalo” by Friedberg (that he announces here for the first time) is, IMO, the “green revolution” part 2. Amazing tech that isn’t exactly genetic engineering as no novel genes are introduced, but a way to make any plant polyploidy (as wheat is) which can dramatically increase yield as well as tolerances to disease and drought.

Truly a shocking development (I say this as a biologist!)!

Cued up to the presentation:


Watched the pod last night, seriously big news this one.


Aaron Day, a liberty activist who hasn’t used fiat currency since 2019. James and Aaron discuss the biggest threat to human liberty and the Manhattan Project that Aaron is proposing to come up with a solution for those looking to escape the coming CBDC tyranny.

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Flower of life inspired?