Informative Video about the SafeNetwork

I wasn’t going to self post my video, although I have had a good response and was asked to post it.


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooh bro please don’t call it “The better TOR”, atleast call it “The Better Internet”. The SAFE Network is how the internet should have been from the start, with an incentive mechanism, super secured and privay minded. This baby is so much more, please don’t call it “The better TOR”

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees bro please keep making these video’s. Everytime you do that your creating content that you can also upload to the SAFE Network. Keep up the good work :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry that I got emotional at the first paragraph, but this baby is so much more.


I entirely agree with you. Although I do believe that a big portion of the TOR network will jump straight to here on full release as SAFE outclasses it in so many ways


How do you know that he’s not trying to attract the attention of the Tor crowd and their Devs. I asked him to post this (his first video) it was not made for this forum…I found it linked in the troll box.


Hmmm you make a good point sir, that it could attract the Tor crowd, but there are a few problems with calling it “The better TOR”.

  • The SAFE Network’s design is absolutely different from Tor
  • Tor has come out multiple times as vunerable, you don’t want to compare an unproven new highly secured tech with that.
  • Maybe it might not attract the Tor devs is the right way, if you say that you have “The better Tor”, while they have been working on Tor for years.

But I guess this baby will have a lot of names
The better Tor
The better dropbox
The better bitcoin


If you make a video about the Safe Network, I promise not to slag it off…that would be bad for the community overall.


Good job on the video, well presented with a positive vibe…hope you’ll do more as the network progresses.


Thank you, I definitely will do more videos :slight_smile:


Great job on your video! I hope others will follow your example and create more videos, spreading the word about the SAFE Network.


@MrTurvey Very impressive Luke - how could you even dare to think of not sharing it here! :slight_smile:

Please do more and share share share. I just tweeted it and will post it elsewhere too. You are talented and I’m glad you found SAFEnetwork.


Thank you so much, that was a great comment and thanks for the tweet :). I didn’t post because usually self advertisement doesn’t go down well from past experience. Although this has gone down phenomenally, so I shall continue.

I am also glad I found SAFE! It’s an amazing concept and I hope to be very involved with the project and the forum here.


Very well done. @MrTurvey Call it what you want. The better TOR works! Any successful marketing campaign will ride on the coattails of a successful product. Coke compares to Pepsi. BING facedoff against GOOG search. Using TOR as a benchmark will do MAID well.

We all look forward to your next TOR comparison.

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Humble much? We know this is not about you. This is MAID. Good work and bring it on!

Brand yourself…

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sziasztok videót csinálni de még meg kell ismernem ezt rendszert!

Welcome to the forum @gyula :slightly_smiling_face:. Please post in English on the forum. Some other languages are supported under the local category.

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Hi i try but not my strength