Update 6th June, 2024

Today marks my 10 year Safe Network / Autonomi forum anniversary. I’ve always been optimistic about it :smile:

Sometime in 2013 or 2014, I was chatting to a guy called David in an Edinburgh pub about a concept I had to democratise health research.

He said he was working on a network that would be perfect for it… not only would it secure people’s health data privately & securely, it would actually do stuff with the data using machine learning etc to enhance the research that can be done with the data by reducing human involvement in the process.

I thought it sounded great, but it didn’t sound feasible with tech at the time, but I followed David & MaidSafe on this journey ever since.

Now, with the network coming together, and machine learning taking huge strides forward, his vision really looks to be very much within reach.

As a distant-follower, it’s been a fun and sometimes frustrating journey, but I always said to doubters that those working to make something possible are more likely to achieve it than those who give up or don’t bother trying… and history is full of once impossible things that people made possible.

Thanks David, and the rest of the MaidSafe team (present and past), and the community for pressing on towards this hugely important vision.

Looking forward to seeing the impact of this network over the next 10 years :beers:


There will b e Beta bumps along the way here, but the team are well able. I am already with others looking at what’s now possible and it will be quite a future we have here. Watch this space over the next 6 months, it will transform into a new free digital world. Privacy baked in, we should not need that bolted on and with that security an added together FREEDOM. It’s happening at long last.


Actually they did answer this somewhere a little bit ago.

They are working on getting the code going and ironing out the bugs before doing code changes and file changes from safe to autonomi. It affects a lot of things like testing scripts, internal naming conventions, and so on. While global edit changes can be done that does not catch it all and then the testing to ensure its all gone through properly takes valuable time.

So sometime it’ll be done, but after the beta programs launch has settled down and bugs have reduced surfacing.


I started nodes at the very start of the beta rewards. So far no nanos, very few records. Are you saying I need to restart my nodes now? Thanks


If they aren’t looking good restarting can’t do any harm.


Hi Chaps,

Running 30 nodes for over 24 hours now…

Can I get an invite?



No invites exist yet.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to be in the queue so any invites will work when we get them


Happy 10th Anniversary David! :birthday:. Good things happen when you wander into a Scottish pub and meet new people.


That’s just because a nano is the smallest unit possible and earnings per node are in that kind of range per record stored, eg. 10 nanos per record, or higher if your node is fuller.

it’s 1 billionth of a token.


yep! That should get you on the new relay nodes


I just received the update and was happy to learn that the network is expanding so rapidly. I was interested in joining the 2nd wave of beta testers but when I read the T&Cs it appears that residents of the USA are restricted and ineligible. Am I reading correctly?

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Yes, due to rules in the US surrounding crypto and contests. Sucks I know but cannot be corrupting US people with crypto and rewards programs giving out “prizes”. The US will come after those who do give US residents “crypto”/digital tokens as part of a rewards/contest

But you can still participate and earn test nanos to use to test uploading.


Thanks neo, now to learn how to participate on my windows 11 laptop with 1Tb external hard drive that has about 350Gb to share.