Update 18 January, 2024

NewYearNet has continued chugging along nicely thanks to the generous attitudes of the community. The testnet is quiet now, but has gone well (but for the faucet), and has been quite stable which is great.

While that’s been rolling on we’ve been planning the next one, which should feature quic as the protocol layer. This will mean there’s no AutoNat, which could affect folks’ nodes-from-home experience, but should not affect anyone running on VPSes or where they’re already port-forwarding, for example.

General Progress

@chriso and @bzee have been working hard on node-manager integration into our pipelines, that’s now used on CI and will shortly be making its way into testnet releases too. That will likely signal the sun-setting of the current sn_testnet crate, once we get the manager integrated into the monorepo.

@jason_paul has been fleshing out the client documentation, adding some of Rust’s wonderful doctests to the wallet APIs. Hopefully making things both clearer and ensuring docs are tested against the current code base (and so kept up to date!)

@anselme keeps pushing along Spend security optics and has been brainstorming alternative routes to node’s having to run a DAG along with @dirvine.

@roland almost has live network testing going as part of our continuous delivery process, which is quite exciting! Meanwhile @qi.ma has kept digging into potential issues from the last testnet and has added more tests for large files, and client uploads, which may have uncovered more performance improvements!

All to be tested when we get a new testnet up and atom!

Useful Links

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As an open source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions - so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the Safe Network together!


First!!! :slight_smile: :point_left: :muscle: :grin: :partying_face:

Wow, what I see! The next testnet will be mega accessible to the wider community!?

Girls, are you ready? :wink:

Big thanks to the team and the community for their hard work on the last testnet! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Second thanks to all the team for the hard work and getting ready for the next test net already :slight_smile:


Third! Keep it up!


I think it will be quite the opposite…


Hope for the best but prepare for the worst… :slight_smile:


What is the motivation, what does it improve?


QUIC is the next IP protocol and displaces TCP for many reasons. The 3 big (huge) ones for me are

  • Much faster (of course impl needs to be great)
  • Significant DOS prevention measures
  • Multiplexed connections (i.e. you can have thousands of connections on one port and there is no head of line blocking, so they packets interlace coming in).

In addition QUIC will be more efficient at NAT traversal and the added bonus of the IETF and folks looking at advances to a more true p2p network layer.

All in all QUIC is a much more modern protocol and for p2p it’s significantly more aligned.


Do you think we should anticipate a rocky transition? Perhaps a short lived new test.

Setting expectations :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope not, but possible. QUIC was a bit flaky a while back in the rust libp2p crate but hopefully it’s robust now. It should be faster, but on that point I am less sure right now.


When do you think we will be ready to have a bash at the next testnet ?


Why are you breaking the rules Neil :joy:


My bad just jinxed it :joy: guess I can plan a weekend with the family now.

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I fear it’ll be more the latter I’m afraid!

There may be a tad more mem, but it should be better. As @dirvine says, this is the way things should be going in general. Tcp is very legacy (and indeed quic is the default for the libp2p go implementation eg).

At the moment, I want to know what differences we see. No Autonat might mean we have more churn (as nodes attempt to join but can’t actually… so are then lost). But does that affect us now? We may be okay with that churn… And well. If that’s the case and we can just go quic, that’s pretty good!

A testnet arrives exactly when it means to. And not a moment before :stuck_out_tongue:

(We’re only held up by some deployment issues transitioning to quic it seems (or potentially just on my machine). )


Ooh okay okay gotcha, I’ll be first in line this time then!! So much pressure for just one man :clown_face:

Keep up the legendary work !!


So has someone been able to run a node from home without manual port forwarding up until now?


I have :slight_smile: But have a fixed ip-adress from my ISP.


I managed to get the node up and running but it “didn’t work”


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :horse_racing:

And also to the testers working on our wonderful testnets! :horse_racing: