MaidSafe Dev Update - 10th May 2016

All of us at MaidSafe would just like to extend our gratitude to everyone that took part in TEST 2 last Friday and Saturday. The SAFE community made up the majority of the nodes on the network with 790 nodes taking part (MaidSafe had 200 running), more details on the TEST 2 findings below. The next iteration of testing will be coming very soon, as usual this will be communicated to the community here on the forum. The SAFE Network truly belongs to everyone!

We will hopefully be adding the ability for separate networks and separate network tests this week. This will allow various “testnets” to be created and run by the community for further deep testing. We think the community may offer greater help if we can provide easy mechanisms to test. Also projects like safex, decorum et al’ can then run their own testing networks, either locally or publicly. This will involve starting a Vault with a flag such as --first --name=”your test name” . This is an observation from the forum we took on board this week, along with the updates we are carrying out.

Another push will be ARM again, to ensure this is part of the auto deployment scripts we have for creating installers as we tag releases in github. This will help everyone a lot.

Archive nodes are under the microscope again to ensure data is maintained even in a full network outage or worldwide catastrophe. Work is progressing there in finalising some RFC’s for implementation. In addition, the node names will be further secured by the network challenging nodes to create appropriate keys within a range, this allows less message passing and self-validating messages as we have with the client.

The push is for a stable network first then increase security second when we can easily upgrade and allow a data republish mechanism (archive nodes again). So we strive for a stable network and client API’s. The march continues there strongly with many great findings from some amazing and highly appreciated community involvement.

##Community TEST 2

Routing showed greater stability - we didn’t observe any mass disconnects in this test and even after stopping all 200 droplets at the same time, some community nodes remained connected and formed a working network. Toward the end of the test, Vaults became prohibitively slow and in the end stopped working entirely and even joining as a new node could take multiple attempts.

We suspect that the upstream / downstream bandwidth asymmetry might be the reason: our crude message prioritisation is probably what saved most of Routing (small messages) and overwhelmed Vaults (large messages with data chunks in them). The logs also showed lots of delayed GetNetworkName responses that would have allowed a new node to join but couldn’t be delivered because that node had already timed out and restarted.

##Crust : Andrew / Spandan / Vinicius

The team progressed quite nicely in evaluating current solutions for asynchronous interfaces in Rust and developing prototypes. A lot of solutions were ruled out and we started building a few foundations on top of current knowledge to allow easy composability of different crates that can share the same thread. Experience from other communities besides Rust was taken into consideration as well to avoid errors like unfairness, jitter, starvation and a few others. @canndrew has done a few experiments with coroutines and we hope to have that integrated as well. Coroutines can greatly simplify code readability as we keep the usual control flow mechanisms (if, while…) in asynchronous code. It looks promising.

##Routing / Vaults : Adam / Andreas / Fraser / Qi

We reproduced the issues we saw within test 2 on the droplets by artificially restricting their bandwidth and emulating home network connections. We are now testing with the more fine-grained message prioritisation that distinguishes between messages that are essential to the integrity of the network and messages that can be dropped if the bandwidth is not enough.

In parallel, we are looking into ways to deal with messages dropped in the upper layers to make sure that we don’t lose any client accounts, for example, even if the nodes in the client manager group went out of sync due to heavy churn.

Further work is going into automating the building and packaging of the Vault binaries on all platforms and resolving the remaining issues we are seeing on ARM.

##Client : Krishna / Spandan / Shankar

We are improving the log visualiser and also updating the droplet deployer tool to help the internal dev team test the network.

The priority for this week is to address the client side issues (safe_launcher) experienced during last week’s test. On occasion the Launcher was hanging. This issue has already been reported by the community members.

##UI Design: Scott

@scott is continuing work on the website design. The focus with this work has been to create a unified and coherent experience which fulfils the identified company goals. The design work for the site is wrapping up and soon we will begin implementing the changes.

Thanks as always for your support, here is a link to the weekly transcript.


Awesome! Cannot wait for this network to be up and running!


I am soooo ready for the next iteration of the testnetwork :smiley:

Great work guys, keep on keeping on!


Woow, thank you so much for that! May I impolitely ask if we can have a higher max for storage on the client side? Maybe not on the official testnet but only on an alternative testnet? 5mb. files only cause that much chunks to route. I would love to test the network with 50 mb. private data files to see what happens. Only if Troon is comfortable with doing that of course ;-).


This is like no news, wait to another week.

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Wow, this is impressive:

The SAFE community made up the majority of the nodes on the network with 790 nodes taking part (MaidSafe had 200 running)


It is, I imagine there is quite a few people running several nodes themselves? Or is it individual nodes from individual IPs?

The legendary @johnlu who was the first person to get a vault running EVER, liked this post?

Anyway of course everyones waiting anotha week. We’ll wait anotha 10 weeks to have this monster improved



I have an impolite request as well. I remember the @moderators had a statistical evaluation of forum activity. Not asking for a full fledged data report but I wondered if you can get a time scaled access statistic for specific threads. I´d love to see how the activity on the Dev Updates has risen historically. Just to get an idea of the growth of attention and just as an idea if you need a reason to waste spare time :wink:


having these testnets is awesome. it feels like everything is in color now, whereas before it was just black and white :slight_smile:


Escalicha = johnlu.
same person…

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Sure :joy:

Escalicha = Johnlu = Irvine = Satoshi


come back to your forum, nenupipis are not welcome

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Spot the testnet :nerd: These are API requests starting at April 1st this year:

I made a topic in META with more stats.


Wow! I’m legendary!! :blush: Well, running a vault was really easy. This thing is a good work made by maidsafe team. Kinda “plug 'n play”.

But I’m also a bit dissapointed with this dev update. But don’t worry, I’ll move on and feel better soon :wink:


It’s great to see the dev update in the morning (Western), versus at night, AND I just noticed this article about the SAFE Network posted on the Futurology subreddit, which I follow on a daily basis!


excellent news ! Thank you very much for the amazing work again, and specially for allowing community driven test networks ! This will certainly help a lot to keep the pace in creating together an amazing and crazy future ! :+1:


Thanks for the update. About the design, which is extremely important for adoption and ultimately what people associate with the project. Maybe it would be a good idea to share some screens or give a sneak peek at what direction you guys are taking it?

Many knowledgeable people here who might have very valuable feedback for Scott.


wahahaha - okay - i seriously have to install the server that is waiting for this for some time now -.-" … next time there’ll be another node with symmetric bandwidth starting :smiley:

790 is quite impressive if you consider that only some where fast enough to participate xD

Yey community testnets!!! =D :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: well done @whiteoutmashups :wink:


Nice catch, upvoted :wink: