Update 21 September, 2023

We’ll soon be launching a new testnet to fix some of the annoying niggles with payment verification and store cost revealed by the previous one. Basically, we were starting payment validation too quickly, leading to repayments occurring needlessly. We have also made some changes to the logging, including payment request logging so that @happybeing’s new Vdash feature should now work.

Niggles aside the IntolerantNodeNet worked pretty much as we’d hoped, albeit testing parallelisation and batch sizes was stymied by the errors mentioned above.

Annoyingly, we couldn’t fix bugs in the client and have it accepted by the existing testnet nodes, so we had to take it all down and start again. This was due to libp2p being stricter with protocol versioning than we had imagined; we have a fix in place now we think.

We’re making excellent progress, and a back of a beermat calculation suggests we’re past the halfway point to Beta now, with payments, store cost and rewards all in place. @bochaco is working on libp2p gossipsub (good spot @upstate!) for paying the Foundation its share of transaction fees, and the same functionality should help us with archiving nodes, which will also need to listen to the activity on the network.

DBCs have now been deprecated, with the code in the sn_dbc crate moved to sn_transfers, and some functions and features renamed to better reflect the reality of the network with libp2p. The only real functional change in moving to libp2p is that our half-offline transaction are no longer possible. But to counter that loss, we gain a good deal of simplicity and lightness.

Thanks again to all the testers. We’ve especially appreciated @josh’s payments spreads graph and logs. We believe the spread is simply due to the network being small but we’re keeping an eye on that one. In addition, @loziniak has put in some more useful fixes. @happybeing has updated Vdash for the new testnet and @optimator’s PowerShell IntolerantNodeNet [18/09/23 Testnet] [ Offline ] - #143 by Optimator script looks very handy for Windows users. We’ll stop here before it turns into an Oscars speech, but you all know who you are! :pray:

General progress

The team have been working on internal improvements to continuous integration workflows, reduce test durations on churn and verify, fix bugs and also updates to logging, monitoring and visualisation.

We’ve put in a couple of fixes for issues spotted by the community, including a PR to update the CLI send command so that it expects full token amounts.

@bochaco is working to integrate libp2p gossipsub messaging into the network. This adds support for pub/sub behaviour and messaging, allowing nodes to subscribe to certain services. Foundation nodes will be able to subscribe to Foundation payments, archiving nodes to archiving messages, and so on. His work so far has focused on getting the core gossipsub infrastructure and APIs functioning between nodes, and its at the testing and debugging stage.

@joshuef and @dirvine discussed making more use of libp2p functionality including, caching, provider nodes and fault detection, and also MVP features including revisiting the metaphor of ‘Safes’ for private data. Josh also investigated store cost timeout errors unearthed by the testnet.

@anselme officially removed DBCs and introduced new currency nomenclature. He also added receipt payment logging for Vdash.

@Qi_Ma has been looking at the updates issue and introduced a patch which should allow client code to be updated without becoming incompatible with the node code. He also investigated store cost timeout errors.

@Roland introduced concurrent file downloading, present in the last testnet and also worked on Grafana dashboard and Docker setup and raised a PR to fetch bootstrap peers from network contacts.

Finally, @chriso updated the CLI to add file address output on upload and considered potential changes to file upload handling.

Useful Links

Feel free to reply below with links to translations of this dev update and moderators will add them here:

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As an open source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions - so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the Safe Network together!


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :horse_racing:


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Fantastic stuff thanks to all the team can’t wait for the next test net :slight_smile:


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Anyhow - congrats and thanks as ever to all (devs and community) who got us here. Looking forward to the next testnets and the tools we can use on it.


Very nice update team.

It’s been a productive week with much going on – it feels like the general forum ‘buzz’ is picking up a bit too.

Halfway to beta sounds fantastic. Looking forward to trialing the next testnet!

Cheers :beers:


Halfway to Paradise, here comes beta. I’ll get all my family archives ready to upload for free! Great progress at the ant hill, keep digging. A lot of the bugs will disappear as the network begins to grow… :beers:


Any excuse…


So near and, at this rate, not far away! Lol


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

IntolerantNodeNet was super fun testing, only had problems with uploading bigger files, but since others where reporting…

Big thank you to the community members actively participating in these testnets :beers:

Great progress, on to the next one

Keep hacking super ants


Appreciate the hard works; as always, many thanks :+1:


Glad these testnets are working along the lines of what is desired of them. And excellent progress happening here. Congrats to the whole team and those poking around and questioning the concepts of the network design.

I’m sure there will be some apps written that allow phone to phone transfers which is online but have some of the modern day feel of offline.


Still waiting on what shenanigans that Jim fella has been up to.

Half offline capabilities will be missed. :skull:

Happy to see continued progress and the confidence of beta approaching feels great :muscle:


Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! I add the translations in the first post :dragon:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Amazing! It really all does start to feel like it is coming together.

To my mind two really important things shouldn’t be missed in that update:-

Annoyingly, we couldn’t fix bugs in the client and have it accepted by the existing testnet nodes, so we had to take it all down and start again.

@Qi_Ma has been looking at the updates issue and introduced a patch which should allow client code to be updated without becoming incompatible with the node code.

Being able to upgrade clients and nodes without either forcing a restart will obviously be key to any long running network. So it didn’t work out in one respect this time but it’s importance is clearly recognised. It sounds like it was nearly there and there was nearly a testnet that would have run for quite a bit longer than previously.

And let’s not forget that the only reason they are stopped these days is that there is a better one along soon. Remember the days when they would fold up after a few hours or couple of days? Now these undersized networks survive our ‘ambitious’ expectations for uploads and a high level of churn.


Indeed - for me its now worth adding the current SAFE_PEERS to ~/.bashrc, so its always available when I grab a new terminal

export SAFE_PEERS=/ip4/
echo "------------------------------------------------------------------------->
echo " SAFE_PEERS is set to "$SAFE_PEERS
echo " Is this up-to-date?"
echo "------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Very soon, this will be much more automatic and hard coded into node and client. So we should see that being only an override.


Keep up the good work! :clap: :clap:


Something I’ve been thinking of lately: Are we still heading for a system, where one can access his own safe/vault from any device, without having/leaving anything on the device? Such as wallet, keys…? Just using password of some sort.