Now that is 301 redirecting to, Google has removed from the search results when you google “maidsafe”.

This makes it difficult for this forum to be discovered by the public.

Perhaps that is just fine, and the maidsafe subreddit is a better place to deal with an influx of new people. I believe that downvoting and other moderation tools available on Reddit may become necessary at some point as the signal to noise ratio of the discussion inevitably lowers.

In either case, whether it is to or to I wonder if we should have a prominent link on to steer people to where the conversation is happening.


The change was necessary since the it’s actually called SAFE network while maidsafe is reserved for the company/foundation that is behind all that. Might be a good idea to change the subreddit as well (I know that frabunelle also registered safenetwork, but that is pretty much dead as of yet).

A new website will launch in the near future and I’m pretty sure that a link to this forum will be included. Then it’s just a matter of time until it shows up again in the google search results.


Sure, we can add a new banner with the amended URL. I also think you will find will climb the rankings pretty quickly for ‘MaidSafe’, it is already 15th in Google and the constant flow of fresh content inevitably mentioning MaidSafe at times will help.

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I just added “created by MaidSafe” to the meta description of the forum. This should help make it rank higher when people google “maidsafe”.

A discussion forum about the SAFE Network, a secure data storage and communication platform created by MaidSafe.

Thanks for the feedback, @Tom_Carlson!

As for the /r/maidsafe subreddit, @happybeing and I are planning to start promoting /r/safenetwork as an alternative to /r/maidsafe (for the same reasons that this forum was moved). I will start a discussion about this very soon :smiley: !