The Server Needs to Die (MaidSafe on TechCrunch)

Good article. Congrats on the feature @dirvine and team.


Yes indeed,

Good interview @nicklambert.

I love this article. Cut the cord on censorship and manipulation!

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“The mindset has been how do we make servers better. Instead of saying servers are the problem let’s try and remove them.”



Now I see how you plan on attributing safe coin directly on the basis of attention. That is elegant and should give universal open access. Its Safe Attention, where attention is real or ultimate currency and wont be used against end users.

I hope there are a couple cautions built in against the spamming of attention. First of course is delisting on the Safe Search and Trending based on software and user input. Any app asking or trying to pay to turn of the delisting filter would have triggered a criterion for delisting. Also end users would have the ability to turn off the safe coin contribution to an application.

I find this very interesting in part because it makes more sense of what the sponsored data approach is doing with its likely goal of zero rate for the developed world by phasing out end user cash paid general access. They will say that a system like Safe is skipping their toll box like they tried with bit torrent, with predictable influence from their useless interlocking boards.

Thanks David. They don’t always pick up everything correctly so a few errors in there (including the spelling of David’s surname), but a pretty positive piece all the same.

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Some really good Twitter and Facebook juice coming from this article

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Hey, you guys how about writing some positive MaidSafe comments on the article itself? Here’s the link to go down on the bottom and say something great about MaidSafe or the SAFE Network in terms you already understand and believe in: The Server Needs To Die To Save The Internet – TechCrunch


Looks like the article is getting a lot of attention:

facebook shares: 207
tweets: 181
google+ shares: 48
flickr: 43


Msgd her about the proper spelling a while back though.


It’s worth following the (extremely annoying, but eye-opening) discussion on Hacker News Here:

Lots of debbie downers in there who only have a surface level understanding of Maidsafe.

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We got a great product why should we follow them, let them follow Maidsafe on Twitter. Never waste your energy on negative stuff, your a revolutionary for being here. As long as they spell our name right, it’s Maidsafe not Madesave LOL


Great article, Techcrunch is making progress 2 Thumbs Up 2 you Nick Lambert

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I think Maidsafe estimated 10,000 nodes in year 1 of the SAFE network…conservative :slight_smile: