The Beatitudes of Project SAFE

I posted a slightly different version of this as part of a terminology discussion back in April. A lot more people have joined the community and I felt like sharing it again as it’s own topic.

I hope that no one takes the use of the term “beatitudes” as either pretentious or sacreligious, being as its primary use refers to Christ’s blessings. It’s just a form which is familiar and does reflect a sort of reverence which one could feel about the project.

The Beatitudes of Project SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone)

Blessed are the developers, for they shall seed the world with the foundation from which safespace shall emerge.

Blessed are the builders for they shall supply the tools for users to realize their hopes for safespace, and thus for the world at large.

Blessed are the users for they shall fill the voids of safespace with the mists of the knowledge of mankind, to have secure unto themselves or to share without hindrance, by their own choice.

Blessed is the mist, for it shall be at once inscrutable beyond comprehension, yet full of the knowledge and wisdom of all of mankind, ready to spill forth and quench their thirst for truth, wisdom and self-determination.

Blessed are farmers for together they shall manage the mists of safespace and secure the tools which mankind will use to usher in a new age.

Blessed is safecoin for it shall be the unit of value which rewards all who participate, and be a universal particle of value for all of mankind, because it shall represent the means to share freely, amongst all peoples of earth, the knowledge, wisdom, aesthetics, humor and hope which we all most value, and yet shall spurn giving means to those who would steal our marrow to build tools and organizations of aggression to rule others against their will.


I’m going for a lie down…lol

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Huh ?

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Sorry, just joking…been arguing about religion in another thread…


No religious reference intended, actually. I only commented in case someone might feel propriotery about the term. :wink:

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Yeah all that and it looks like for most use cases it will prove more efficient, effective, scaleable, secure and generalizable than block chain tech. Also if some wierd AI alien is cracking the foundations of crypto it looks like the SAFE developer anticipated such things and built on concrete. And the SAFE developer has proven to be humble and willing to consider all angles.

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No, I know, I really wouldn’t worry about people feeling proprietary - in fact I wouldn’t give a toss if the truth be known…lol

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