Testnet to Mainnet Transition Plan

There’s a topic on TestNet1 but that’s over and also this question is related to more than just tetsnets so I’m opening a new topic with 2 questions that I think are important.

  1. Will network data on testnets be able to survive on the same vaults through to production?
    I know it’s hard to tell, but if you can tell us is there such a goal (that people be able to upgrade their s/w and keep test/beta vaults in place when the network goes live)?

  2. When will “real” coins start being used?
    Will it be in one of the testnets, in beta, or only in the GA version?
    If I used testnet I would have known, but I haven’t had time to try it yet.

Good questions, the plan at the moment all testnet data will be scrubbed (we are running a ton of randomised data at it just now). In beta then it will persist.

As far as safecoin then we will have test_safecoin in testnet3, we will use this to try our hardest to attack the network (reliability and any attack vectors) and invite all comers to do the same. During BETA we will go live with safecoin real. This will give all farmers an idea of farming rate and it may seem unfair to lose test_safecoin (I am not sure we could not work out a way to keep or transfer these) but in any case the rank and storage will be good. This means you may have worthless test_safecoin, but the real safecoin will get farmed much faster by existing farmers, so it should definitely be worth it.


Will there be a way for not too technical people to join testnet 3 and start farming test safecoins or will it involve a certain level of coding/compiling witchcraft?

I am pretty sure testnet3 will have applications that include farmers and work automatically. So yes it should be open to as many people as possible.


I asked the question in testnet1 ask me anything and HB answered - startup instuctions are in Examples folder. But it’s not easy enough for not too technical people.
We could create a VM with everything preinstalled and put it on testnet3 for those… uh, wait… okay, put it on Dropbox for those who’d like to get on the network. Of course it’s best if that would be done by the Project so that people don’t download from untrusted sources.

Yes, that’s the kind of thing I’d need…no probs anyway as long as it’s easy to use at beta really.

No table markup in Discourse… This sucks big time… but I’ll try, for those rare souls who may find the answer confusing:

 | NET         |  COIN	        |  DATA SURVIVAL TO NEXT VERSION|
 | Testnet2    |  No            |  No                           | 
 | Testnet3    |  No (testcoin) |  Yes                          | 
 | Beta        |  Yes           |  Yes                          |
 | GA          |  Yes           |  Yes                          | 
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This should do the trick.