Test Network 3 vs. Beta

I just had a quick question regarding the difference between Test network 3 vs. the beta. I am under the impression that the beta will add the inclusion of farming and the Safecoin, however with any apps or features that may be created on the test network, will those be able to migrate over to the beta or will developers need to start from scratch again once the beta launches?

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No worries, nice question actually

Main difference is testnet3 will add test safecoin and apps. Initially data will be dropped and API’s may change slightly. Near end of testnet3 data may stay and safecoin may also stay in place. So basic answer is testnet3 builds all components for beta.

Beta still will not guarantee safecoin (no conversion yet) but will stabilise all API’s and data (we will not drop data in beta). By then we will have carried out a number of tests and hopefully had a lot of community audits etc. (we will be awarding security related bounties for exploits in code/algorithms).

tl;dr testnet3 add all the stuff and safecoin, beta confirm and safecoin go live and maidsafecoin cut over.


It depends… as with most such questions :-), but it won’t be a matter of starting from scratch even if a lot changes (and changes are unlikely to affect most apps significantly anyway. Most apps will interface at a high level (API) and changes here are likely to be few and even then, not force much change in an app’s code.


Thanks so much for the info! Looks like I can keep grinding away at the front end while you guys polish up the rest! :smile: