Where can I download MaidSafe?


torrent such as, so beautiful
nice idea maidsafe-

Where downloads?


Maidsafe is currently in development (testnet2). Downloads will soon be available (watch for the announcement on this forum). The will allow you to install MaidSafe and join in the testing, but without farming.

When MaidSafe enters beta (testnet3) you will be able to farm “test coin” which will be wiped before the launch, so that farming will be restarted.

How can one upload files and use the safe network in test net 2 if one does not have safecoin from farming which is only available in test net 3?

We wont have a restriction in testnet2. This allows us to overburden the network and see the consequences (where it hits first etc). As we will dump the data etc. then it should be fine.

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So just upload how ever much I want?

Yes in testnet2 anyhow. It allows us to test and there is quite a bit of space to fill, all good tests for us really.


And will I be able to KEEP what I upload all the way up through launch?

No the testnet data will be unstable and likely lost. Testnet3 may be different but testnet2 data will be gone. The serialisation and account mechanisms are being re-factored in parallel with the features like mail etc. being created. So we are balancing these two things, allow devs to get an API that will be stable, but underlying infrastructure changing.

Its what the testnets are really for, it allow us to damage and break the underlying tech and improve it for beta. So we see it works, that is good, but we also get to measure how to improve efficiencies. The current sprint for instance was able to reduce account info to a fraction of the original allowing us to run nodes on much smaller less well connected devices, and improve security at the same time.

So for testnet2 data is deleted for sure, testnet3 may not but we are racing in the background with the wire formats and account info work. The work it saves in the long run is immense so the balance is a fine one, but worth it we think. Even if it puts us under much more strain in the core team.