Stuck on bitmart help

Im.a newbie at trading ,i recently joined bitmart ,managed to transfer solana into it and buy usdt to get emaid,now im totally stuck on when it comes to widthdraw usdt ,i tranfered 26 usdt as an experimental to revelout but the fee turned out to be 17 usdt so i only got 9 ,is there any easier way of getting it eventually to my bank., step by step could be helpful,thanks

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You have to check withdrawal fee for other coins or networks. Ethereum mainnet or Bitcoin mainnet is not cheap option.
And do not remember that to send your 9USDT from Ethereum address will cost you another 5-10 worth of USD based on current gas price about 50 Gwei.


Hey thanks a million for that im a bit if a nivice at those things ,your help greatly appreciated

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