Still cant manage the steps on bitmart help

Still stuck on bitmart ive managed to figure out how to buy emaid ,and swap with usdt, but i cant figure out how to actully sell the usdt to put in my bank account, its asking me to pick a selection of networks to send it to ,but i habent a clue where ut goes after and even if im selected the right network whjen i go to widthdraw the usdt ,is it possible to send it to my bank account?help nadly needed from a complete novice :disappointed_relieved:

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  1. Making the payment

If I remember they present you with about 4 or 5 payment providers.

Pick one. You will need to register with them.

You then make the payment and should have USDT credited to your account.

Apparently this is credited to an account area known as “Buy and Sell”

  1. Transfering usdt to the spot market for maid.

This is so strange and I am not used to it. Once you are on the trading page for eMaid
you need to click this teeny tiny button and transfer from your Buy & Sell wallet to spot.

I guess this limits you from accidentally selling all your coins.

Also, their website is a bit odd and I recommend refreshing your browser so the transfer shows up.

  1. Select your buy type… limit, market, your personal choice here.
    If you go for market remember slippage is a thing and you will run through the order book
    soaking up eMaids, even the more expensive ones.
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What bank account are you talking about ?
You can not send USDT to bank account, only to your wallet.
It is also always recommend to sent crypto from exchange first to your wallet before spending or moving somewhere else.

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As far as I can see, BitMart doesn’t support fiat withdrawals, so you have to use an intermediary or if you want a bank that supports crypto and can receive the USDT and convert it to Euro/Pound, see Revolut.

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Are you selling or buying eMAID, if you are buying should you not be withdrawing that instead of usdt.

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Does Revolut allow that? Maybe not in all jurisdictions. Services offered in UK seem to skip that and allow exit to fiat only after purchase with fiat on their platforms (like PayPal).

Might be good to have a guide for people in each jurisdiction because things like this are a major headache.

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As far as I can see, they are also supported in the UK:

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Hey man im just practicing selling smakl amount of maid as shen the time comes,to ell a large amount i dont want to make a mistake

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Hey zoki,thats very good of you to take the time to post this up for me ,i will try this tonight after work.,i habe a large amount of maidsafe, in a cold wallet and im.just experimenting at the moment with selling a small amount to usdt ,then eventually getting the funds into my bank account, i dont want to make a mistake when it comes to selling a latge amount

Revelout does allow some but it’s not very sf explanatory,so frustrating sometimes

Ah… okay. I misunderstood. You want to sell eMaid to USDT, then convert that in to cash.

I’ve been helping people the other way around.

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You probably must have account on another exchange and there u will sent USDT and then convert to fiat. Btw I never study or hold USDT, can I store on HW wallet?

That’s it ,I just find the steps very confusing, if maid takes of in price and I think it will ,I would hate to make a big mistake when trying to convert

Yes, it’s the same as EMAID.

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So you would need another account on some solid exchange like Kraken, Bitstamp or some local and first withdraw USDT to your HW wallet, move to fiat exchange like these two above, exchange to fiat and withdraw to your bank account. Sometimes the Revolut is not best option for receiving anything from 3rd. parties.

Ok excellent that’s where I was confused ,I’ll join one of them.exchanges help greatly appreciate it

For me I withdraw usdT directly to another exchange, and it worked, but can imagine not all exchanges accept this

Cheers I’ll.habe a look arlt that one :+1: